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Epion Check-in™

Epion Check-in™

Digital Check-in


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400+ practices use this product.

Epion Check-in™ replaces inefficient, manual patient intake forms with an innovative, customizable, digital check-in platform.

Epion’s solution reduces the administrative burden of the check-in and intake processes by streamlining the collection, integration and review of patient information. As a result, clinicians and staff have more time and ability to deliver patient-centered care. The platform provides medical practices a solution to help drive revenue in order to support the financial stability of the organization.

Facts about Epion Check-in:

  • 250+ athena Clients
  • Original MDP Partner
  • 0% Account loss to competitors once live
  • 93% Patient Satisfaction
  • No direct-to-consumer pharma ads

Core Features:

  • Real-time data transfer and streamlined integration with athenaCollector®, athenaClinicals®, and athenaCommunicator®
  • Robust clinical interview, resulting in a much more complete and accurate chart
  • Customized to match existing intake forms, questions and messaging
  • Presents patients with co-pay and outstanding balance to increase Time of Service payments
  • Pay now feature to submit immediate payment on the iPad during check-in
  • Supports collection of patient information for additional revenue and quality reporting
  • Eliminates the need for staff to manually enter patient data
  • Significantly improves accuracy and completeness of clinical chart
  • Eliminates paper processing associated with patient intake
  • Optional Screeners for PHQ-2/9, STEADI, EPDS and more (see Epion Screener, below)
  • Epion Trial Offer (see below)

Driving Measurable Value:

  • $583 Increase in monthly per-provider payment at time of service
  • 2:36 Decrease in average patient time in exam room per visit
  • 24% Increase in staff efficiency related to patient intake
  • 3X Increase in demographic data collection from patients
  • 1-2% Reduction in denied claims due to more accurate patient data
  • Consistent ROI Range: 8X to 15X

Epion Screener™

Automated and integrated to capture 100% of your screening opportunities

  • Patient-friendly and private
  • Discrete integration with athenaClinicals
  • Validated clinical tools

Epion Screener is a premium add-on feature that provides an automated and integrated method to present health questionnaires to appropriate patients, capture responses and transfer responses and scores as discrete data into athenaClinicals.

PHQ-2/9 – Patient Health Questionnaire STEADI – Fall Risk Assessment EPDS - Edinburgh Postnatal Depression CAGE – Substance and Alcohol Abuse Screening (coming soon) GAD-7 - Generalized Anxiety Disorder (coming soon)

Epion InsurPro™

Get accurate insurance card information into your billing system ahead of appointments!

Epion InsurPro is available as a stand-alone product -- or as a bundled offering with Epion Check-in. Both products are eligible for the 45-Day Free Software Trial (details below).

For more information about Epion InsurPro, see Marketplace description.

The Epion Trial

  • All Epion products: Check-in, InsurPro and Screener
  • No charge for implementation and training (On-site support available at additional charge)

Client Quotes:

“At CHRISTUS, we seek partners that understand the complexities of our business and support our organizational core values; Epion has clearly demonstrated both. For us, the move to Epion has been transformational.”


“Since moving to Epion, we have seen a significant decrease in the amount of work and errors associated with patient check-in. Patients like using the iPad and the real-time updates to athena make it much easier for the staff. Using Epion, we are able to see more patients and provide them with a better experience.”

LISA LEWIS, Billing Director, Healthy Woman Obstetrics/Gynecology

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