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Epion Health

Epion Health

Digital Check-in


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500+ practices use this product.

Epion is the #1 rated Marketplace partner—for over 3 years! Here’s why.

Epion delivers an all-in-one, 100% contact-free, seamless patient experience, including online appointment scheduling, registration, check-in, payment, and telehealth.

Here’s why over 500 athenahealth practices chose Epion:

- 93% patient satisfaction

- 30-day trial offer with guaranteed end-of-trial ROI report (over 85% trial conversion!)

- 8-15x proven and repeatable ROI

- Customizable COVID-19 screening questionnaire

- Seamless online scheduling from any access point including patient’s payor portal sites

- Secure patient communications to promote social distancing and non-conventional waiting rooms (cars) - “Hi John, thank you for waiting in your vehicle. We're ready to see you now. Please come into the office for further instructions.”

- Mobile check-in and intake - no app download, log-in, or password required by patients to get started. Patients automatically receive text or email with a link to check in for their upcoming appointment. Epion’s software configuration rules ensure each patient is only asked to complete the forms/steps required for their specific appointment.

- Required fields and forms guarantee patient completion and delivery to the EHR

- Telehealth platform for virtual visits - integrated with athenaOne schedule. Web-based (no app download for patients) and works on any device - including Android devices.

- Integrated ROS and HPI - discrete data integration (not just a PDF upload)

- Insurance and patient ID card capture

Patient payment - co-pays and outstanding balances (25%+ increase in outstanding balance TOS collections)

- Card-on-file and payment contracts (40%+ increase in signed card-on-file agreements)

- Discrete data integration for all health histories - Past Medical Hx, Family Hx, Social Hx (multiple templates), Allergies, Surgeries/Procedures, OBGYN Hx.

- Medication reconciliation - Epion pulls active meds list from athenaOne for patients to review and enter missing medications and/or let providers know if they are no longer taking specific meds.

- Wellness screeners - automated scoring and discrete data integration. (PHQ-2/9, PHQ-4, GAD-7, CAGE-AID, EPDS, STEADI Fall Risk, CRAFFT, Opioid Risk Tool, AUDIT-C, etc.)

- Annual Wellness Visit (AWVs) - including customizable Health Risk Assessment (saves 10-15 minutes per patient on documentation)

- UDS (Household Information) questions - integrated with athenaOne to support sliding fee schedules

- Virtual pain diagram and pain scale

- Custom consent forms and questionnaires - Epion can digitize any practice form for patients to complete during their check-in. From custom pain questionnaires to sleep study questionnaires; signing flu vaccine consents to knee injection consent - anything is possible with Epion!

- Reduced no-shows and cancellations (by over 30%)

- 5-star customer service - over 190 5-star reviews of Epion on the athenahealth Marketplace


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