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Epion Check-in™

Epion Check-in™

Digital Check-in


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400+ practices use this product.

Epion Health, the highest rated MDP partner, delivers the deepest possible integration with athenaNet and proven results:

  • Epion’s Patient Satisfaction Rate is 93% (all ages)
  • 85% of trial practices become long-term customers
  • No direct-to-consumer pharma ads
  • Free 30-Day Software Trial

Epion offers clients best-in-class in- and out-of-office solutions to help reduce administrative costs and labor, drive revenue and improve patient outcomes.

“For us, the move to Epion has been transformational.” BOB KARL, CFO, Christus Physician Group

The Epion Platform

  • Epion Check-in - Replaces inefficient, manual patient intake forms
  • Epion InsurPro - Gets insurance card images ahead of appointments
  • Epion Screener - Automated and integrated to maximize screening opportunities
  • Epion EasyAWV - Unlocking the value of the Medicare Annual Wellness Visit

Epion Check-in

Epion Check-in reduces the administrative burden of patient intake process by streamlining the collection, integration and review of patient information. As a result, clinicians and staff have more time and ability to deliver patient-centered care while improving profitability.

  • Real-time data transfer and streamlined integration with athenaNet
  • Robust clinical interview, resulting in a more complete and more accurate chart
  • Customized to match existing intake forms, questions and messaging
  • Supports collection of patient information for additional revenue and quality
  • Collect outstanding balances and co-pays at time of service
  • Eliminates manual data entry and paper processing
  • Significantly improves accuracy and completeness of clinical chart

Driving Measurable Value:

  • $583 Increase in monthly per-provider payment at time of service
  • 2:36 Decrease in average patient time in exam room per visit
  • 24% Increase in staff efficiency related to intake
  • 3X Increase in demographic data collection
  • Consistent ROI Range: 8X to 15X

Epion Screener

Epion Screener is a premium add-on feature that provides an automated and integrated method to present health questionnaires to appropriate patients, capture responses and transfer responses and scores as discrete data into athenaClinicals.

  • Patient-friendly and private
  • Validated clinical tools
  • Includes popular screeners, such as PHQ-2/9 and STEADI
  • Proven Results: In a study at Mount Carmel Health System, 3.5X more patients were identified as “At Risk” for depression when using the Epion PHQ-2/9 Screener

Epion InsurPro

Epion’s out-of-office solution to collect accurate insurance card information into your billing system ahead of appointments! Available as a stand-alone product or as a bundled offering with Epion Check-in.

  • More accurate eligibility checks ahead of appointments
  • Fewer same-day cancellations
  • Decrease denied claims due to more accurate insurance
  • Option to “centralize and specialize” card review and package selection
  • Reduce lines at check-in
  • Reduce staff required to manage insurance information

Epion EasyAWV

Epion EasyAWV is an athenahealth-integrated service designed for primary care practices to significantly increase the number of reimbursed AWVs–unlocking a wealth of benefits for your practice and your patients.

  • Proactively identify patient problems and help improve outcomes
  • Easily calculate risk scores
  • Streamline your intake process and risk assessment
  • Increase billable AWVs without additional staff
  • Improve quality scores (HEDIS)
  • Proven Results: In a case study, a 40-provider family practice increased AWV volume from 30% to 90% of the eligible population

Epion Advisory Services

Epion Advisory Services specializes in providing clients with hands-on instruction, training and advice to achieve maximum performance from their athena platform. The Epion Advisory team is made up of experts in multiple practice specialties and areas of focus, including: quality reporting, workflow, forms set-up, and efficiency evaluation. Contact: advisors@epionhealth.com

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