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Epic River Patient Lending

Epic River Patient Lending



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Epic River Patient Lending connects financial institutions and healthcare providers to create low-interest loans for patients to cover deductibles, co-insurance, and self pay regardless of patient creditworthiness. Patients make easy monthly payments and providers receive payment upfront. The financial institution leverages their success in recovering consumer debt to improve the provider’s collection of patient responsibility.

  • Provider receives payment upfront
  • Billing and payment processing offloaded to the financial institution
  • All patients qualify

The partnership between Epic River Patient Lending and athenahealth streamlines billing staff communication with the patient and the loan setup process to ensure providers receive compensation for services as quickly as possible.

  1. Offer Program - Epic River will train the provider staff and recommend best practices for introducing the program to patients.
  2. Enroll Patient - The provider staff will select to enroll the patient in the Epic River Patient Lending program within the patient record in athenaCollector.
  3. Loan Completed by Patient - The patient will complete the loan setup within the Epic River Patient Lending portal and electronically sign the documents on any device from anywhere - home, work, etc.
  4. Loan Serviced by Financial Institution - The financial institution will fund the provider immediately and handle all billing of the patient and payment processing for each loan.

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