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Clinical Trials Recruitment

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The ePatientFinder feature integrates directly with your athenaClinicals® EHR. You will be notified when new, local trials that address chronic disease are available to your patients. After taking a couple of minutes to learn about the trial through the app, you may opt-in and ePatientFinder identifies ideal patients and schedules the pre-trial evaluation!

Once you have opted-in, patients will begin presenting for their pre-trial evaluations. Behind the scenes, ePatientFinder is engaging patients to let them know that you have become aware of a new potential option for their chronic condition. Patients are further screened telephonically and are scheduled for the evaluation if they pass the screening.

  • ePatientFinder's No-Cost platform helps you learn about clinical trial opportunities for your patients, and compensates you for conducting pre-trial evaluations
  • Analytics technology automatically identifies your patients that would qualify for a clinical trial that address their chronic disease and presents them for your review.
  • Conduct pre-trial evaluations to help patients decide whether to participate in a trial or not.

ePatientFinder is a new class of solution for physicians that want to get the most out of their EHR on their patient's behalf.


  • The platform is completely HIPAA compliant in every aspect.
  • ePatientFinder works on your behalf, to help you bring treatment options to your patients.
  • The platform and process is compliant with every other applicable regulation including the Stark Law, the Anti-Kickback Statute, and FDA regulations.

Patient Satisfaction:

  • If qualified, patients will often gain access to treatments that otherwise might not be available to them.
  • Patients continue their care at your clinic throughout the process and appreciate being presented with a menu of treatment options, including relevant clinical trials.


  • Most physician interactions take place on our easy-to-use mobile app.

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