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R1 Entri™

R1 Entri™

Referral Management / Prior Authorization

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Capabilities: Referral Management / Prior Authorization, Scheduling, Patient Communications, Payment Solutions

Entri delivers great first impressions, smooth journeys across all care settings, and high levels of patient retention. R1 Entri provides an intuitive outward-facing patient experience while optimizing the underlying workflows and network processes required for cost-effective and consistent intelligent access.

The R1 solution complements and integrates with Athena to provide a unified experience regardless of the starting point – mobile or desktop device, health system website or portal, or centralized contact center – to seamlessly connect and coordinate each step of the patient journey.

R1 Entri Guided Scheduling leverages Athena API integration and expert search algorithms that enable any authorized user to find the best available appointment at any location in the network based on patient preferences, key characteristics of the service, resource and provider availability, etc. In addition, R1 Entri Pre-Registration and Intake facilitates many patient access and revenue cycle tasks prior to arrival. This improves accuracy, enables advanced automation, and speeds time to reimbursement.

R1 Entri Financial Clearance reduces front-end denial rates with centralized, heavily automated pre-service clearance. Entri automates processes to deliver accurate and complete authorizations. R1 Entri Financial Counseling technologies, analytics capabilities, and accountability cadences help uninsured patients get coverage and reduce their financial burden.

Entri Patient Payments (R1 VisitPay) recreates the financial experience around three things that matter most to patients: 1) Tailored omni-channel communications across all touchpoints; 2) a personalized and consolidated experience; and 3) frictionless payment options based on anticipated needs.

R1 Entri clients achieve measurable benefits in cost reduction, productivity improvement, increased patient yield, and improved patient satisfaction.

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