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Enli CareManager™

Enli CareManager™

Chronic Care Management (CCM)


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0-10 Practices are currently using this product across the following Specialties
  • Multi Specialty
  • FQHC
  • Infectious Disease


Capabilities: Chronic Care Management (CCM), Population Health Management, Care Coordination

Enli delivers Best in KLAS population health management, care coordination, and quality management technology to health systems and provider organizations across the country since 2002.

COVID-19 Patient Tracking

  • Enli’s COVID-19 care coordination solution (Already being used in over 20 metro areas across 14 states as of 4/1/20) is a cloud-based patient tracking program for healthcare providers and payers. Workflow and task support enable teams to record, manage, and monitor patients under investigation or diagnosed with coronavirus. Suspected or confirmed cases can be imported from any data source or added manually. During import, the patient profile can be augmented with comorbidities and other risk factors. Once processed, patients are sent to the COVID-19 program worklist for active management by the care team. Risk factors are automatically assessed so care coordinators can prioritize outreach. Patients can be assigned to specific care team members that are most suited for job, supporting top-of-license work. The tool includes tasks that are based on CDC and WHO COVID-19 guidelines, including check-ins, self-isolation, and assessments for symptomatic and high-risk individuals.

Chronic Care Management (CCM)

  • Automatically identify patients eligible for CMS’ Chronic Care Management program, and place them in a shared, task-based workflow application that is administered by the care team. The workflow is custom-built for CCM service delivery, and all actions and time spent are recorded for easy reporting. The application calculates eligibility and maximum reimbursement if a patient qualifies for multiple CMS programs in a single reimbursement period.

Transitional Care Management (TCM)

  • Automatically identify patients eligible for CMS’ Transitional Care Management program, and enable a shared, task-based approach to TCM service delivery by the care team. All actions and time spent are recorded for efficient reporting and reimbursement. The application calculates eligibility and maximum reimbursement if a patient qualifies for multiple CMS programs in a single reimbursement period.

Care Coordination

  • Enable a team-based approach to care delivery with Enli’s award winning care coordination application that includes custom or out-of-the-box workflows that support quality and efficiency initiatives. Automatically import identified cohorts into a care coordination program, and track tasks and actions as individual patients progress through the program.

Payer Gaps-in-Care

  • Convert payer gap in care reports to actionable workflows for the care team. Reconcile patients identified by the payer with those in your EHR and place them into a program for outreach and scheduling.

Care Plan Management

  • Generate intelligent care plans leveraging EHR and other data sources. The care plan adapts to meet the needs of the entire care team, including: care coordinators, medical staff in the front office and exam room, and patients. Award winning visual dashboards and dynamic messaging templates reinforce care pathways and efficient workflows across the care continuum.

Population Health Management

  • Risk-stratify and analyze populations using the latest clinical guidelines, CQMs, and common risk assessment tools (HCC-DX, ASCVD Risk Calculator, PRAPARE) to identify care opportunities, and to measure and project performance across the enterprise.

Care Management

  • Identify priority cohorts by applying evidence-based guidelines, CQMs, and common risk assessment standards to EHR and claims data. Actively manage cohorts with team-based workflow tools that improve quality and maximize efficiency.

Referral Tracking

  • For primary care providers and specialists referring patients, Referral Tracking is a workflow management tool that enables organizations to automatically place patients in a shared referral workflow, tracking the status of the referral from order to completion, ensuring specialists complete orders in a timely fashion.

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