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Enli CareManager™

Enli CareManager™

Population Health Management


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CareManager, Enli’s PHM software platform, enables healthcare delivery systems to pursue population health-based initiatives and close priority gaps in care. Core components of the CareManager platform include:

  • CareManager Analytics – Identifies priority cohorts and predicts the economic value of early intervention
  • CareManager Central Worklist – Applies protocols to a given population, optimizes resource allocation, and facilitates care team communication
  • CareManager Point of Care – Communicates a clear picture of patient health and the actions required to improve it
  • Unlike competing population health management software applications, CareManager provides:

  • Knowledge to Action™ – A proprietary evidence-based curation and codification program that incorporates accurate and up-to-date clinical knowledge into the provider workflow

  • Bi-directional EHR integration – Seamless integration with the EHR, providing a visual representation of patient health status, rendered as a dashboard, highlighting care gaps and opportunities based upon clinical risk factors and the latest guidelines
  • Market leadership – Recognized as Best in KLAS for Population Health Management IT by KLAS Research, as well as a top-rated solution by IDC Health Insights, Gartner, Chilmark, Black Book, and Frost & Sullivan

Enli CareManager™ is an intuitive population health management IT platform that unifies the care team with clinical and financial decision support. Up-to-date patient data is shared among the care team enabling provider organizations to meet Triple Aim objectives, including improving population health, enhancing the patient experience of care, and reducing per member cost. CareManager helps providers:

  • Identify and stratify patient populations in need of intervention – For organizations seeking to project clinical and financial risk through population insights, CareManager Analytics allows users to identify priority cohorts and predict the value of early intervention.
  • Create work lists that prioritize patient outreach – For care teams delivering integrated care management programs, Care Manager Central Worklist is a cloud-based care team tasking engine that consistently applies care management protocols to defined populations, continuously informs the team of progress toward plan objectives, and optimizes program resources.
  • Clinical decision support at the point of care – For front-line providers accountable for identifying and closing gaps in care, CareManager Point of Care is a bi-directional application that is integrated in the EHR to increase the efficiency of patient interactions by providing easy to grasp visual representations of the patient’s health, while enabling direct updates to patient interventions and care plans.

To see how CareManager Analytics is being used to identify care gaps and deliver personalized care plans, view this brief solution overview video.

CareManager is a time-tested application built by providers for providers. It inherits a legacy of peer-reviewed, proven success managing large, diverse populations. Enli continues the tradition of co-developing each release of the software with insights learned by care teams at more than 20 leading healthcare organizations who form our CareManager Advisory Group (CAG). The CAG is an active community representing more than 50 live customer sites, with representation from large academic medical centers, community hospitals, multi-specialty clinics, Federally Qualified Health Centers, and skilled nursing facilities.

Enli CareManager, Best in KLAS for Population Health Management IT

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