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Business Continuity

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CareFinity® EHR Downtime and EHR Archive Solution

CareFinity EHR Downtime - View your patient charts and create notes even if EHR is down!

EHR is at the center of patient care for Healthcare Providers. If the EHR system is unavailable because of planned or unplanned outages, providers are unable to see and treat patients or may put themselves at legal risk by seeing patients without the current clinical record. Every healthcare organization needs a comprehensive business continuity plan. Relying on paper during outages, software transitions, or network downtime is not a safe and secure option. CareFinity EHR Downtime gives providers the ability to view the clinical records from the EHR even if the EHR is unavailable. It is the solution your business needs to stay afloat during power outages, internet outages, ransomware/malware attacks, natural disasters like hurricanes and wildfires, and any other planned or unplanned downtime situations that can arise. The patient’s financial summary is also easily accessible with visit details available at the click of a button. Clinical staff can also create a new visit note within CareFinity so your practice can stay up and running.

With CareFinity EHR Downtime, business can continue as usual during downtimes. Users will still be able to:

-Remote access records from mobile devices

-Access data from multiple locations

-Print and export records

-Charge capture for hospital rounds

-View provider schedules

-View scheduled & unscheduled patient data

-View all documents & images

-Add chart notes and more

-Access data from multiple EHRs systems

With multiple daily data syncs, you’ll have the latest patient data at your fingertips to allow for the best quality care.

CareFinity EHR Archive Solution - Archive and access patient data and financial data from a legacy EHR system!

CareFinity EHR Archive functions as an archive to easily view archived patient data from legacy EHRs or charts that you don’t need in your EHR but are required to maintain for legal purposes. How does it work? CareFinity includes a simple browser-based application that reads a backup copy of the EHR data and displays it for the user. Users can see the patient’s financial summary with visit details available at the click of a button. Users can see all patient clinical information including scanned images, notes, labs and other documents. CareFinity EHR Archive can also act as a cost friendly alternative to data conversions.

Archive users can:

-Access data from multiple locations

-Archive and view data from legacy systems

-Access archived clinical and billing information

-Print and export records for ROI

-Audit logs of user access

-View all documents & images

All CareFinity solutions can be installed on a server at your main location, hosted off site or they can be installed at multiple locations.

Business Continuity
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