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Inventory Management

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DoseTracer software is a multi-functional system used for the management of a medical group drug/vaccine program. Among other capabilities, the service tracks and helps optimize vaccine/drug inventory levels, facilitates and improves the accuracy of required record keeping, and reports all instances of incorrect billing and reimbursement on a dose-by-dose basis.

DoseTracer software began providing drug inventory and reimbursement tracking to athenahealth clients in 2010, and we have been consistently ahead of the technological curve since our first general inventory systems appeared over twenty years ago. Our affordable solution tracks and reports on every dose administered in your single office or multi-location group practice by scanning manufacturer barcodes and associating those doses with a patient. New innovative scanning processes have been implemented, including functionality that transfers dose specific data such as lot number and expiration date (and other data as needed) into the patient EHR record, eliminating data entry errors and increasing productivity. We also include a separate retail and office supply inventory module at no extra charge.

The product performs (2) distinct, independent functions. The following illustrates how each module best benefits a medical practice (both modules are included):

Inventory module especially beneficial for: multiple offices in a group

many different products in inventory

high daily volume

use of private and no-charge product

Billing/payment module especially beneficial for: High cost or large range of product cost

High daily volume

Use of private and no-charge product

Over the last several years our clients have scanned hundreds of thousands of doses in and out of our DoseTracer software, and we continue to find favor with our many multi-year pediatrics, retina, and rheumatology users in large part because of our ability to rapidly customize each client’s unique application and create custom reports. By virtue of our long history of providing our service to a wide range of medical groups, we have implemented countless features into our DoseTracer software based on end-user requests, including a small sample listed here:

• Fully customizable based on individual client preferences – each user group has its own application

• Rapid development capability for new feature and sophisticated custom report implementation

• No setup fees and unparalleled, unlimited support

• Cancel at the end of any month

• Track an unlimited number of products for an unlimited number of office locations

• Keep no charge and private stock separate

• Scan and track rapid test kits maintained and administered in the office

• Easy inter-office transfer

• Low inventory and expiration date alerts

• Distinguish between VFC, commercial product, rapid test kits, and other custom categories

• Retail module for over-the-counter purchases of drugs, medical supplies, vitamins and any other items

• Special order patient tracking alerts to assure correct dose category is selected

• Many, many others – contact us for additional information

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