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Clinical Decision Support

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Capabilities: Clinical Decision Support

DoctorPlan is a precision health platform that uses technology to automate patient interactions – intake, follow-ups, pre- and post-op questionnaires, automatically generating impressive chart notes, and saving valuable clinician time. DoctorPlan’s platform includes timely patient education and instructions (condition and procedure specific); as well the ability to measure patient-reported outcomes. Additionally, with intelligent progress monitoring, doctors are able to monitor patient progress, and intervene using telehealth when necessary.

This short 2 min. video shows the value to the doctor / patient - https://content.doctorplan.com/video/spine_pain.mp4

Since DoctorPlan is integrated into a provider’s clinical flow, more than 70% of patients are engaged throughout the entire care journey - saving doctors 5-7 min. per patient visit and automating the creation of the chart note.

DoctorPlan has comprehensive care pathways ready for multiple areas of medicine, based on best-practices in evidence based medicine. The care pathways include impressive intake and follow-up questionnaires, pre- and post-op data collection, as well as standardized patient reported outcomes measures. The care pathways also include thousands of patient-friendly articles, specific to different medical conditions and procedures (surgical, minimally invasive, injections, and diagnostic), along with hundreds of exercise videos for prehab and rehab, as well as mindfulness lessons.

With DoctorPlan, patients are better informed, guided through their diagnostic and treatment journey – with the right information at the right time, improving outcomes and patient satisfaction. Doctors and clinical staff are better prepared, with access to health data between visits, helping them focus their time on personalizing care.

In addition to the value to doctors and patients, the level and depth of “structured” longitudinal health data collected - from before the first consult, through the treatment / surgical care plans, and post-treatment follow ups - is invaluable in the measurement and reporting of progress, efficacy, and outcomes.

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