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Surgery Coordination

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DocSpera is an easily deployable web/mobile coordination solution that streamlines scheduling, communication and planning of both pre-op and post-op surgical cases. DocSpera enables patient visibility across physicians, care team members, vendors, surgery centers and post-op care providers. Our user data, which is protected in the DocSpera cloud in accordance with HIPAA and SOC2 standards, can be accessed instantly through our online software or our mobile app. Changes, updates and additions to cases are pushed live immediately, ensuring users have the most accurate information when viewing DocSpera on their preferred platform.

Key Features:

  • Our HIPAA-compliant platform adheres to strict HIPAA & SOC2 standards, ensuring full protection of patient information.
  • With both web access and our mobile apps, DocSpera creates a consistent experience and single interface for care team members in the office and doctors on the go.
  • Automatically and instantly notify all phsycians, care team members, vendors and surgery centers of late minute scheduling changes.
  • Eliminate faxes and voicemails containing patient details. Our encrypted messaging allows all users tied to a case to discuss patient details without fear of mishandling PHI.
  • Use our scheduling tools to manage your surgical cases with simple drop and drag capabilities.
  • DocSpera’s checklists automatically attach to cases, allowing care team members to effortlessly view/update patient readiness as they progress towards surgery.
  • While setting up your account, DocSpera will work with your team to establish scheduling preferences to drive speed and long-term efficiencies.
  • Easily share documents and images(x-rays, lab results, DICOM, booking sheets, etc.)
  • DocSpera monitors hundreds of post-op patients using PROs and other predictive indicators, and automatically alerts providers if mental or physical healing begins to regress. This drives higher home discharges and reduces readmission rates.
  • A non-convener alternative to managing your bundle.

About DocSpera: Located in Sunnyvale, CA, DocSpera is a 100% US-based business, with all software development, sales and customer service occurring within our corporate offices. All user data is stored within the US

Surgery Coordination
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