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DocResponse, Inc.

DocResponse, Inc.

Digital Check-in


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1 - 10 practices use this product.

The Medical Office of the Future has arrived.

Would you like your practice to be more efficient, drive more revenue, lower its overhead, increase patient satisfaction, and reduce provider burnout? DocResponse can help.

DocResponse is built by providers, for providers. We believe we understand the clinic and the pain points that staff and providers experience. DocResponse is a clinic workflow, patient intake and documentation tool - the only all-in-one athenahealth Marketplace solution to impact the entire clinic.

We deliver time back to the practice – time that can by used to derive the ROI you are seeking to achieve: increase revenue/see more patients? quality of life/leave earlier? reduce burnout/eliminate after-hours documentation?

How does it work? Patients enter their data; we push it directly into the proper fields in Athena.

Our all-in-one solution provides:

Appointment scheduling and reminders – patients can find and schedule appointments right from the provider schedules, online from any device. Text reminders are sent to maximize patient attendance.

Digital check-in – collect demographic data and consent forms without paper. Demographic data is easy to update. Consent forms are managed to improve the patient experience. All data goes directly into the proper fields in Athena. Emails are sent automatically to drive remote compliance and minimal wait times.

Payment collection – current balances and copays are displayed in the check-in workflow to make payment collection easy.

Consent Forms – your consent forms will be presented to your patients and pushed directly into Athenahealth’s EHR.

Screeners – we provide PHQ 2/9, lead, and MCHAT screening capability.

Patient histories - Past Medical, Surgical, Family, Social histories are all entered digitally by the patient and pushed into the medical records.

Review of Systems (ROS) – patients provide a detailed ROS for every visit.

Preliminary History of Present Illness (HPI) – patients complete an assessment (curated by board certified specialists) that is pushed directly into the note for provider review and confirmation.

Differential diagnosis with ICD-10 codes – for sick visits the patient-entered assessment provides a differential diagnosis for the provider to consider. The associated ICD-10 Codes are provided to reduce provider key-strokes and code hunting.

Patient surveys/reputation management – text messages are sent to encourage reviews and that 4 and 5 star ratings are published to your specified social media sites.

DocResponse is applicable for all specialties, but is further customized specifically for:

  • OBGYN: well woman exam, OB episode, OBGYN-specific ROS, GYN history
  • Orthopedics: sub-specialty customization
  • Pediatrics: well child visit, pediatric ROS, screeners
  • Urgent Care: drive zero wait-times with remote scheduling and assessments

The results?

Increase clinic efficiency – average provider and staff documentation time reduced by over 40% across all specialties.

OBGYN care centers realize greater gains – 70% reduction in documentation times. This equates to over 11 minutes saved per patient visit in nurse intake and provider documentation time.

Increase revenue – possibly see more patients, more complete documentation for more accurate billing codes, screeners

Reduce overhead/staff – mitigate the need to hire more staff such as receptionists, MA’s and scribes

Eliminate after hours EHR chart documentation

Improve quality of life - more time doctoring, less time documenting

ROI - over 10X

Regain the efficiency lost with the EHR mandate.

Also available in Spanish

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