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DocResponse, Inc.

DocResponse, Inc.

Clinical Decision Support


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DocResponse is the only all-in-one Marketplace solution that provides scheduling and digital check-in, along with a documentation and assessment tool specifically created to help the provider and the entire clinic experience. DocResponse was built by providers for providers. Our solution uses patient-entered data to reduce staff and provider documentation time, and increase patient throughput.

DocResponse – the first step in automating the entire clinic experience.

  • Reclaim productivity
  • Increase clinic efficiency/see more patients
  • Increase revenue
  • Reduce overhead
  • Eliminate after hours EHR chart documentation

DocResponse uses patient-entered data (entered in the waiting area or remotely via practice website) to schedule an appointment, digitally check in, collect Past Medical History, Past Surgical History, Family History, Social History, Review of Systems (ROS), and History of Present Illness (HPI). DocResponse then delivers demographic info, consent forms, completed patient histories, a differential diagnosis list, and a completed note prior to the patient visit. This is delivered through athenaClinicals and integrated directly into the patient medical record. The provider is now only required to perform the Physical Exam, confirm and edit the HPI as desired, and the encounter is complete.

This extensive patient-entered data capture reduces the provider and staff documentation time by over 40% (1), allowing a typical provider to see 1 to 2 more patients per day. In addition to these dramatic gains in efficiency, this complete documentation allows for more accurate billing codes, while providing greater knowledge about the patient’s ailment prior to the patient visit. In-clinic results also demonstrate that our solution can reduce the number of nurses/MAs and front desk staff required for the practice and can even eliminate the need for scribes.

DocResponse provides content about each diagnosis developed by our board-certified specialist physicians that can be provided to the patient as a printout at discharge or by email to assist in patient education. Finally, we also furnish the provider recommendations to consider for treatment for each diagnosis developed by our board certified specialist physicians.

DocResponse was found to be the most accurate diagnostic engine on the market in a landmark Harvard Medical School study published in the BMJ in 2015 (2). It also achieves excellent patient/provider satisfaction scores.

Regain the efficiency lost with the EHR mandate.

(1) Based on performance seen at Fiver Rivers Health Centers, Medical Center at Ocean Reef, and Urgent Care Now.

(2) http://www.bmj.com/content/351/bmj.h3480

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