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Digital Check-in

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Imagine everything airlines do for flights but for doctors appointments. DOCPACE is the air traffic controller of Healthcare Consumers and Healthcare Providers.

  1. Send patients SMS appointment reminders
  2. Send patients SMS updates if their appointment is starting on time or delayed
  3. Send patients a virtual waiting room - check-in and wait from your car
  4. Use PACE Analytics to optimize schedule operations with predictive recommendations
  5. Transform appointment capacity to serve more patients

DOCPACE uses machine learning to ensure that a doctor's time is spent where it should be - with patients, all while ensuring that patients feel safe with a virtual waiting room model. Let patients check-in on their phone and walk straight into the waiting room.

Let data run your operations so everyone stays informed in real-time. DOCPACE’s schedule optimization capabilities increase billable hours, decrease wasted time, and gives practitioners peace of mind that operations are running smoothly.


Create a Virtual Waiting Room

  • Automatically text patients when their exam room is ready
  • Update patients of accurate appointment start times to reduce patient overlap

Increase Patient Safety & Satisfaction

  • Patients wait remotely in their own comfort zone until exam room is ready
  • Text patients real-time updates and a link to track their appointment status

Increase Billable Hours

  • Optimize schedules so providers can see more patients
  • Prevent delays with smart-scheduling software
  • Keep schedule full by eliminating no shows and walk-outs

Digital Check-in
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