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Patient Communications

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DOCPACE keeps schedules full and waiting rooms empty. That means maximizing practice revenue and enhancing the patient experience, all while protecting the health and safety of patients and staff.

Many people have experience with a virtual waiting room, which allows patients to wait where they are most comfortable. With DOCPACE, patients can even time their arrival based on real-time estimates of when they’ll be seen.

The most powerful benefits, however, come from combining a virtual waiting room with AI optimization. An efficient practice is a more productive and welcoming one. DOCPACE automatically identifies scheduling bottlenecks to maximize billable hours, reduce staff overtime,and minimize patient wait times so that each day runs smoothly, as scheduled.

With DOCPACE, there is no app to download and patients don’t even need to have a smartphone to use it.

DOCPACE is more than a virtual waiting room solution—it’s a tool for boosting scheduling efficiency with real-time analytics and actionable insights.

DOCPACE adapts to your workflow. We don’t expect your team to conform to our technology. We customize the solution for each client to make your operations more efficient.

Benefits to the Practice:

Boost the bottom line...

  • Increase revenues. Eliminate scheduling gaps and inefficiencies to maximize billable hours, without pushing providers to rush appointments.
  • Reduce staff turnover. Foster a more enjoyable office environment by eliminating the crowded waiting room and automating key check-in tasks.
  • Boost patient satisfaction. As wait times plummet, patients’ star ratings, word-of-mouth recommendations, and return visits increase.
  • Mitigate risk. Protect the health and safety of your team, from Covid-19 as well as the annual colds and flu.

Benefits for the Provider: Find your ideal DOCPACE... .

  • When the day unfolds as scheduled, you can focus on the art of medicine. No more running behind and then rushing to catch up!
  • Customized to you. The powerful AI built into DOCPACE combines information about the practice and your appointments to continually optimize your schedule.
  • Increase billable hours without increasing stress. By smoothing out inefficiencies and eliminating scheduling gaps, DOCPACE helps you make the most of each day in the office.
  • Improve patient satisfaction and ratings. Facilitate a better office experience, with shorter patient wait times, streamlined intake, and time for quality care during every appointment.

Benefits to the Front Office Get control of the waiting room experience...

  • Easily keep patients apprised of appointment delays so they can wait at home, at work, or in the car. Safer and more comfortable for everyone!
  • Automate key tasks to reduce staff burden. Click a button to let patients know when the office is ready for them. DOCPACE even facilitates check-in, integrating with your EMR.
  • Enjoy greater patient satisfaction and a more relaxed office environment as DOCPACE continually refines schedules and reduces wait times.
  • Keep the team together. DOCPACE streamlines medical office management to reduce the overwhelm and enhance staff retention and morale.

Patient Communications, Scheduling, Patient Flow, Reporting and Analytics, Care Coordination
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