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The DocASAP Platform

The DocASAP Platform



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DocASAP empowers organizations to navigate patients to the optimal provider and care setting at the right time throughout their access journey. From patient-provider matching and digital scheduling through care-driven appointment reminders and referral management, healthcare organizations can achieve clinical and operational goals related to access—and enhance their patient engagement initiatives. And it’s all fueled by a solution that ensures the accuracy of provider data across enterprise applications.

Our Solutions:

Provider Search and Navigation

Enhance provider search by accurately matching patients to the right provider in the right setting at the right time. DocASAP’s highly configurable framework replicates and automates all scheduling intake rules, protocols and workflows to help achieve this. The first solution of its kind, it optimizes patient access to care while supporting quality and care compliance initiatives.

Accurate Online Scheduling

Meet the demands of consumers and healthcare organizations with real-time, accurate online appointment scheduling through a private-labeled experience. Highly configurable, DocASAP automates all scheduling intake rules, protocols and workflows while ensuring providers maintain control of their schedules.

Payor Connectivity

Extend patient access initiatives onto payor channels. DocASAP partners with the top 3 payors in the U.S. and other health plans to broaden access to care for members through health plan portals, apps and call centers. Online scheduling helps keep patients/members in-network, close gaps in care and ensure care coordination – all factors that also help improve ACO effectiveness. Our payor partners include Aetna, Anthem, UnitedHealthCare, Optum, Multiplan, and Florida Blue Cross Blue Shield.

Care-Driven Engagement and Appointment Reminders

Engage your patients pre and post visit. Reminders reduce no shows, better prepare patients for their visit and close gaps in care. DocASAP’s care-driven notifications also prompt patients to schedule appointments, enabling providers to encourage preventative care and close gaps in care.

Scheduling on Behalf

Empower healthcare staff to easily and efficiently navigate patients to optimal care. Scheduling on Behalf allows care coordinators, call center agents and other healthcare staff at the point of care to schedule appointments for patients or members. From the access center to acute care settings, staff can easily book follow-up appointments or specialty visits for patients and members, improving schedule compliance and reducing patient leakage.

Provider Data Management

Manage provider information from across enterprise applications, creating a single, actionable and reliable source of truth. DocASAP Provider Data Management serves as the bedrock of our industry-leading intelligent navigation and scheduling solution used across direct-to-consumer, access center and referral management.

Patient Access Analytics

Get real-time, actionable data on patient access and operational performance, down to the provider level. Aggregated patient behavior can be harnessed to improve operational processes and track patient acquisition. Availability reports provide insight on how to effectively match patient demand with provider supply. Opportunity funnels help identify scheduling processes that require attention by isolating correlations during the booking process.

Enterprise Ready. Innovation Driven.

DocASAP’s configurable, secure, elastic technology meets the complex requirements and needs healthcare organizations face. Proven integrations with industry-leading practice management systems and a go-to-market playbook help our clients get up and running so they can accelerate time to value.

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