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Diagnostic IQ

Diagnostic IQ

Patient Screeners

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Capabilities: Patient Screeners

Better decision making by providers occurs when self-reported information about a patient’s mental & physical health is present at the time of the office visit. Healthcare providers can now reliably screen for aberrant patient behavior with multiple validated assessments at their fingertips. Assess opioid use, ADL’, aberrant behavior and depression quickly and accurately. DiagnosticIQ’s HIPAA compliant software solution is seamlessly integrated into athenaClinicals to deliver physician ordered assessments.

The healthcare provider can create an order directly in the patient encounter or through a group order. After the provider creates an order, diagnosticIQ will send the validated assessment directly to the patient’s email and the patient’s smartphone via an SMS text message. The order is created before the patient’s next scheduled appointment and sent 48 hours before the next office visit. At this time the patient will report specifics about their symptoms through the assessment. When the patient is being seen by the provider, they will have additional information to make quality decisions on a treatment plan.

Because patients take the assessments remotely, the burden of additional paperwork before the office visit is eliminated and the assessment intake process will not disturb the clinical workflow. The assessments are automatically scored with 100% accuracy and a PDF report is populated directly into the patient’s clinical folder for interpretation by the provider. Providers can quickly review the dashboard and interpret the self-reported patient data, which increases time with direct patient interaction by asking specific questions of the patient. With better information available, better treatment decisions can be made.

The PDF report satisfies many requirements for reimbursement and may be used to overcome procedural denials from insurance carriers. A chronological timeline is created every time a patient takes an assessment. The score and date are automatically put into a graph so the healthcare provider can quickly see how a patient is progressing or regressing within a specific area of concern with the self-reported assessment questionnaire. With additional information available, providers have documentation on a patient's self-reported function. This clinical data and data sets can be used to help overcome a procedural denial and/or satisfy new legislative requirements placed on the prescribing healthcare provider. Because we use self-reported valid assessments, our final report can also be used in legal and in workers compensation cases.

Current CPT codes are in place to reimburse for the administration and scoring of psychological and neuropsychological assessments. Medicare and private payers are requiring patients to be assessed for mental health screening along with a typical physical screening. Our software will allow the practice to capture these codes and creates a new revenue source directly for the practice.

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