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Daysaver® CalendarConnect™ Makes Appointment Scheduling Truly Seamless

Using Artificial Intelligence, Daysaver CalendarConnect finds open slots on your practice schedule and offers them directly to patients’ calendars – filling your practice schedule and freeing up staff to do what you want them to: care for patients.

Key Benefits

There’s no new software to learn! – CalendarConnect is a service that works in the background

Fills cancellations – appointments are automatically proposed to targeted patients and filled 24/7

Reduces no-shows – patients are 86% more likely to follow through with the appointment on their calendar

Clears a waitlist with pull-forward – appointments are automatically proposed to patients on the waitlist

Requires fewer scheduling touch points – allows your staff to focus on meaningful patient contact rather than scheduling

Increases patient engagement – patients are happier and more loyal because they get the appointments they want in the context of their day: right on their personal calendar

How We Do It – So You Don’t Have To

Daysaver CalendarConnect is a service that is fully integrated into athenaCollector so there is no new software for you learn or maintain, and nothing for your patients to download.

Patients simply opt in to the CalendarConnect service and specify their appointment preferences (days of the week and times of the day, or first available).

Daysaver CalendarConnect does the rest – pulling open slots from your schedule as they become available, matching them to your patients’ stored preferences and then proposing those appointments directly on their calendars for them to accept or decline, 24/7.

It truly frees you from the usual back and forth to schedule appointments.

With Daysaver CalendarConnect you have fuller schedules, happier patients and more time to care for those patients.

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