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DASH by Radix

DASH by Radix



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1 - 10 practices use this product.

DASH is a patent-pending, patient access optimization platform that helps practices increase the number of patients they see while reducing delays in care and lowering operating cost. DASH uses advanced analytics to guide optimal template design and resource allocation. The system intelligently balances patient characteristics, patient and provider preferences, and appointment availability to match patients with the right provider at the right location for the right duration, improving scheduling efficiency and accuracy. By automating key scheduling workflows including wait-lists and recalls, the system makes it easy for patients to book appointments online and for practices to fill empty slots without increasing scheduling effort.

  • Improve patient access by better matching provider supply and patient demand 
  • Helps to lower hold times, decrease abandonment rates and improve scheduling accuracy through intelligent, guided scheduling for patients and schedulers
  • Reduce delays in care by filling last-minute cancellations via text messaging and intelligently double-booking slots based on patients' no-show risk

DASH enables groups to fully utilize existing capacity while improving scheduling efficiency.

  • Advanced capacity utilization analytics. Identify mismatches between supply and demand to guide template design and resource allocation.
  • Guided scheduling. Steer patients to the right provider at the right location for the right duration. Ensure full compliance with complex scheduling protocols while load-balancing across providers and locations. New schedulers can schedule any provider immediately.
  • Patient self-scheduling. Allow patients to book online following the same rules as your schedulers, no matter how complex.
  • No-show risk prediction. Identify patients at high-risk of no-show and smartly double-books to minimize wasted capacity.
  • Automated waitlist. Automatically fill last-minute cancellations via texting. 
  • Population health management. Deliver automated messages to high-risk patients regarding gaps in care and invite them to schedule needed services online or via text message without any human intervention
  • Coordinated appointments. Book multiple services at the same time, reducing scheduling effort while optimizing utilization for patients and providers.

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