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CSpeak by Clinically Speaking

CSpeak by Clinically Speaking


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Clinically Speaking is a veteran-owned, customer focused company whose team of voice recognition and clinical documentation specialists have been helping healthcare professionals since 2002. Our mission is to alleviate the pain and stress of documentation requirements so providers can do what they have been trained to do—take care of their patients. As an undisputed leader in clinical documentation solutions, we take great pride in assisting physicians and their staff in implementing the right cloud based solution to aid in documenting patient encounters. CSpeak, specifically designed for athena, will provide the functionality and dependability your providers require.

Providers can look forward to dictating directly in athenaPractice and athenaClinicals at the point of the cursor resulting in an easy and seamless documentation experience.

Quickly and easily add vocabulary words and custom templates to make documenting your notes faster and more accurate.

CSpeak works with the Powermic Mobile smartphone app to turn your iPhone or Android into a wireless microphone.

Elevate your workflow with the ability to program workflow commands for frequently repeated clicks and keystrokes.

Video tutorials for athena coming soon!

Transcription, speech-to-text
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