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Telephone Triage


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ConnectOnCall, an athena integrated digital answering service, reliably handles thousands of after-hour calls per week. Our platform is designed to be simple to use for patients, office staff and on-call providers. We allow customization to accommodate the needs of practices of all sizes and specialties. ConnectOnCall with athenaNet® integration provides the on-call doctor with up-to-date patient information, a faster way to call patients back and an easy ‘one-click’ method to document into the athenaClinicals® record.

Just a few highlights of our comprehensive and extremely reliable service:

  • Smartphone apps: Our native iPhone and Android apps simplify all aspects of handling calls, including reviewing new messages, viewing patient information, calling patients back with one touch, and documenting the call easily.
  • Instant Patient Information: Medical problems, allergies, medications, pharmacy information and other useful data is provided to the doctor instantly; saving a lot of time and improving patient care.
  • Patient Case: We automatically create a patient case directly into athena clinicals.
  • Prescriptions: With a couple of clicks you can take care of a prescription, right from the app.
  • Privacy: We protect physician privacy by showing your main office number as the caller ID never the provider’s personal home or mobile phone.
  • Automatic Patient Responder: When appropriate, the provider can have us call the patient and deliver a recorded message. It only takes a couple of taps on the app.
  • Prescriptions and Appointments: We do not need to bother the on-call provider with prescriptions and appointment requests; we notify the office staff during business hours for non-urgent issues.
  • Get Notified ‘Your Way:’ The on-call provider will have complete control over how they prefer to be notified, including text message, ‘push’ notification, email, traditional phone call or pager alert. These choices can be changed from anywhere at any time.
  • Voicemail: There are times, like when you are driving, when navigating a smartphone app is not as convenient as answering the phone. Our clients always have the option to handle a new call with a voicemail option. It provides the on-call doctor with exactly what they need; they can listen to the message, securely call the patient, notify the office staff and then document the call automatically into athenaClinicals.
  • Secure Messaging: Providers and all the staff can communicate easily using an integrated and HIPAA- compliant messaging feature. Patient data, voice recordings and images can be sent securely and easily with our app.
  • Image sharing: Photos, diagnostic images or forms can be shared securely. These images are always stored in a HIPAA compliant cloud-based server, never locally on your device.
  • Outstanding Office Staff Features: ConnectOnCall also saves time and reduces aggravation for office staff. We send daily interactive reports detailing all on-call activity including the call back number, patient name, the recorded message as well as the ability to add notes and signatures.
  • On-Call Calendar: We provide an easy to use calendar that can be completely customized for any practice. Changes go live immediately and can be viewed by the entire team.
  • Greetings: Your after-hours greeting does not need to be static. We provide you the ability to make changes whenever the need arises. This is great for inclement weather causing a delayed opening or to make an announcement for your practice.
  • Day time Front Desk Assist: We can reduce the stress of your call center or front desk staff during the day too with our convenient ‘day time’ feature.

Our core mission is to improve upon traditional answering services for patients, providers, office staff members and managers. For more information, references or to find out about a risk-free trial please contact us.

Telephone Triage, Patient Communications, After-Hours Care
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