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With reimbursement cuts and increased patient responsibility, you no longer have the luxury to wait for patient payments. COLLECTPlus is a comprehensive, automated and customizable patient pay billing and collection solution that drives cash recovery.

Get control of your patient-pay billing and secure faster payments! Imagine what an automated patient-pay billing process can do for you and your staff. Allegiance Group can help you:

  • Manage multiple vendors to handle printing and mailing statements, patient collection follow-up and call center activities, online payments and collection agency services.
  • Produce internal reports to track program performance, account activity, Staff efficiency and cash recovery.
  • Reduce your need to recruit, onboard and monitor employees to handle patient collections.
  • Free your staff so they can be assigned other tasks critical to the success of your business.

How We Can Help COLLECTPlus is a four-phase, automated billing and collection system which includes an integrated patient payment portal and call center. The key is to secure payment information up front, then to engage an accelerated billing and collection process to capture the remaining debt. The COLLECTPlus features that drive faster recovery and a higher rate of return include:

  • automated processes
  • clear and concise patient statements
  • customizable patient communication workflow utilizing reminder calls, texts and e-statements
  • a payment portal for creating recurring and auto-payment plans
  • reputable first-party and collection agency services
  • a professional call center is a cost-effective, efficient way to maintain client satisfaction while increasing cash recovery

Our bundled services are transparent and easily tracked through the COLLECTPlus dashboard. And, regular reporting keeps everyone focused on results.

Why choose Allegiance Group? We offer:

  • Proven results for cash recovery and staff efficiency
  • Automated billing solution compatible with athenaFlex and athenaCollect
  • Customizable workflow and patient communications
  • Dedicated Customer Success Manager assigned to work with your team and drive results

About Allegiance Group:

Allegiance Group offers comprehensive and effective patient pay billing and debt collection strategies for the Healthcare industry. With more than 15 years of experience in the Post Acute Heathcare market specializing in Physician and Specialty Medical Practices, Home Medical, Durable Medical Equipment and Pharmacy industries, our solutions greatly reduce the amount of time your staff spends on billing while increasing your cash recovery and decreasing your costs.

Our Mission: Enable our clients and partners to spend more time focusing on making a difference in the lives of the patient they serve.

Our Slogan: Patient Care is your priority. Turning patients into paying patients is ours!

Payment Solutions, Collections
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