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Collectly is an athenaCollector add-on that helps medical groups collect outstanding patient responsibility, without sending people to real collections by communicating with them via text and emails, explaining to them their health benefits, answering all patient questions, and setting up instant pre-approved payment plans.

How It Works?

After Collectly receives the information on patients whom you need to collect on, the system will automatically send your patients a digital notification (text/email) with a secure link to a portal where your patients will be able to get an instant support via chat on their medical bill, set up an already pre-approved payment plan, and settle the balance with you.

Collectly provides you with an automated A/R follow-up if the patient doesn’t decide on the spot or breaks the payment plan. You really won’t have to do anything at all to get paid on overdue patient bills.

Collectly gives an unprecedented patient experience compared to most of debt collection agencies out there. Patients love the new approach because it finally allows them to communicate the way they are used to these days, understand their medical bills, get an instant support, and find the most convenient way to settle.

It is super easy to get started:

Step 1: Set Collectly as your preferred collection partner in athenaCollector

Step 2: Connect your bank account to Collectly

Step 3: Review the notifications that will be sent out

Step 4: Launch Collectly and get paid!

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