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CMWL ObesityTx: Obesity Screening & Treatment Platform

CMWL ObesityTx: Obesity Screening & Treatment Platform

Care Plan Management


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With its simple, comprehensive, evidence-based approach, CMWL considerably enhances your ability to achieve improved patient outcomes through predictable and sustainable weight loss. Our turnkey platform makes the program easy for you to implement and easy for patients to follow and stay engaged for the long-term. Leveraging both covered and cash-based components, you also generate significant incremental practice revenue. CMWL’s program is a win-win for both providers and patients.

  • Personalized weight loss program delivery from screening through maintenance
  • Proprietary, automated predictive weight loss and behavioral counseling plans, the key to long-term weight loss
  • Documentation for optimal insurance reimbursement

There are just a few simple steps to starting and managing a CMWL weight loss practice:

  • Start with a comprehensive online training course in the clinical and business aspects of obesity medicine.
  • Collect weight-related data via the Profile Questionnaire in the CMWL patient portal, essential for program personalization. Just click on “Send VCC Verification Email” to get them on board!
  • Easily set up new weight loss patient records with one click in your athenahealth account.
  • Enter vitals information in Athena, which will populate CMWL’s visit documentation.
  • During screening visits, download and share the educational CMWL patient report displaying biometric data, health risk information, and predictive weight loss for each of CMWL’s weight loss plans.

During follow-up visits: - Download and review the weight loss progress report. - Discuss the behavioral module previously completed and submitted online. - Easily prescribe the next behavioral module online - whether system-recommended or based on your professional discretion. - Documentation for each visit: weight loss plan and progress, weight loss medication, and behavioral counseling activity all written to your athenahealth note.

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