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Clover Health

Clover Health

Clinical Decision Support

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11-25 Practices are currently using this product across the following Specialties
  • Family Practice
  • Internal Medicine
  • Multi Specialty


Capabilities: Clinical Decision Support, Care Plan Management

The Clover Assistant is designed by doctors for doctors to help enhance patient care and reduce administrative burden. We take advantage of Clover Health’s expansive data platform to deliver actionable and clear information, taking into consideration unique, patient-specific clinical data, needs, and circumstances.

With a personalized design that focuses on proactive care, the Clover Assistant synthesizes and analyzes each patient’s information and makes real-time, personalized, dynamic, evidence-based recommendations right at the point of care. The information surfaced for each patient includes labs, prescriptions and diagnoses from other doctors, and relevant information from your patient encounters.

Through the Clover Assistant, we are able to: ● Dynamically surface up-to-date, patient-specific information including gaps in care, medications, and suspected diagnoses.

● Provide individualized, patient specific clinical decision support right at the moment of care.

● Provide you with a comprehensive view, populated with data from across the healthcare ecosystem.

● Complement—not replace—current documentation processes (whether you use an EMR or paper charts).

● Deliver the right information at the right time in order to create the maximum impact on patient care.

What you can do in the Clover Assistant: ● Enhance your encounters with patients through the Clover Assistant Visit, bringing data and individualized tasks to the point of care.

● Stay informed of your patients’ healthcare journey throughout their continuum of care.

● Respond to patient needs that happen outside your office by being notified of patients’ key needs.

● Utilize administrative tools to help support the management of your practices’ use of the 2 Clover Assistant.

The Clover Assistant Features With the Clover Assistant, you can stay informed about your patients’ healthcare journey throughout their continuum of care. The Clover Assistant includes a variety of tools and features in the Clover Assistant to help doctors and staff better manage the care of patients.


Visits are a dynamic and customized point of care tool that doctors use each time they see patients. In each Visit, doctors will see up-to-date, patient-specific data and information relevant for the patient encounter. It takes approximately 3-5 minutes to complete a Visit.


CareConnect shares information and needs for patients outside their encounter with your office. This allows your office to continue supporting patients throughout their continuum of care, not only when they come in for an appointment.

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