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Clinical Assistant by Grand Round Table

Clinical Assistant by Grand Round Table

Clinical Decision Support


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30+ practices use this product.

athenahealth clients choose the Clinical Assistant for their clinical decision support needs because it saves them time and resources spent on chart review for scheduled follow-up visits.

With the Clinical Assistant’s personalized daily digest messages, care teams save time, minimize care gaps, and are more prepared with the information they need all in one place. Clinical Assistant helps our clients run their practices more efficiently by facilitating patient-focused daily huddles while helping care teams seamlessly achieve compliance with value-based reimbursement programs, such as PCMH.

  • Delivers a personalized daily digest message for virtual daily huddles.
  • Saves care team time prepping for office visits and complying with PCMH standards.
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In preparation for the day ahead, the Clinical Assistant automatically delivers a briefing each afternoon to providers and their care teams about follow-up patients scheduled for the next day helping providers:

  • Identify patients where decisions on next-steps are needed.
  • View results for all tests ordered during the patient's most recent visit, and compare with historical labs.
  • Reference links to relevant patient centered guidelines.
  • Review and address relevant care gaps before the visit.

In addition to running a more efficient patient huddle, our client practices also:

  • Save time on non billable work
  • Improve patient outcomes by following current standards of care
  • Collect thousands of dollars in value-based care incentive payments by meeting critical PCMH requirements

Unlike other clinical decision support solutions that providers ignore for disrupting the clinical workflow with irrelevant alerts, the Clinical Assistant has been designed in partnership with primary care providers to develop best practices for streamlining workflow and delivering only the most pertinent information when it’s needed.

  • Provides tools needed for motivated providers to follow value-based care models (ACO/PCMH) and take home thousands of dollars in added revenues from value-based reimbursements programs.
  • Fulfills MIPS/MACRA requirements for Clinical Decision Support.
  • Clinical Assistant is cloud-based for easy installation.
  • Reports are accessed through a secure, HIPAA compliant portal.
  • For client flexibility, we provide our services for a quarterly subscription fee and regularly upgraded based on client feedback.

Visit us at http://clinicalassistant.co

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