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Clinect Healthcare

Clinect Healthcare

Patient Surveys


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About us:

Clinect is a patient experience solutions and clinical outcomes platform, enabling you to collect, interpret, and act on critical patient feedback in real-time. The Clinect platform provides service-related and condition-related questions to your patients immediately following their visit allowing for quick service recovery, if needed.

We know there is a correlation between a better patient experience and better clinical outcomes. Our "journey-based" questions help you identify the best clinical and service-related practices that will ultimately mean the most to your patients AND your payers, - which, in today's migration to "value-based" reimbursement, can be the difference between a healthy bottom line and a not-so-healthy one.

As a survey-based analytics company, our easy-to-use AND easy-to-understand reporting tools and dashboards allow you to enjoy a unique and previously unattainable view of the total cycle of care: clinical services -> patient experiences -> clinical outcomes.

Why our customers love us:

Clinect Patient Experience platform

  • Integration with athenaCollector after checkout to provide customizable, as well as benchmark-specific patient experience question sets for all specialties, delivered in real-time to patients via text or email.
  • Populates clinical data back into athenaNet® with our bi-directional integration for clinical outcomes

Interested in joining the Clinect Family?? Contact us today to schedule a demo: http://www.clinecthealthcare.com/contact Simple, no-hassle pricing of $25/provider/month

How It Works:

Clinect receives your patient data at checkout. Then, via mobile friendly email or text, allows you to reach your patient before they even get to their car. In the world of service recovery, speed is everything. With Clinect, you have patient response data instantly, notifying your staff immediately via alerts if something is wrong (or right!). Our clinical outcomes module allows you to measure your patients' recovery journey to identify best clinical practices, including regulatory standards like KOOS, WOMAC, and Total Joint Replacement.

Our web-based solution provides you access to data 24/7 in the form of interactive reports and dashboards. Our automated reporting tool emails reports to the appropriate staff members on a schedule that matters most to YOU.

Our comprehensive analytics provide:

  • NPS Reporting
  • Clinical Outcomes Reporting
  • Provider Clinical Comparisons
  • Nationwide Benchmarking Location Based Reporting
  • Staff Productivity Reporting
  • Provider Ranking Scoring
  • Executive Summary Trending Reports

Additional Features:

  • Online Reputation Management/Monitoring (ORM)
  • Patient Engagement with Touchbacks inviting your patients to share their experience online to your social media platforms such as Google, Facebook, or Healthgrades.
  • Patient Reported Outcomes (PRO’s)
  • Incident & Alert Management: Stay ahead of the negative reviews by receiving automatic alerts when your patients answer a specific way to survey questions.

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