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Patient Screeners


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1 - 10 practices use this product.

cliexa-EASE allows providers to digitize intake, consent documentation, and clinically-validated assessment models. Patients and providers can track health status and pain over time by utilizing any one of the clinically-validated assessments available in the cliexa library and push that information into the EMR. Intake and documentation can be delivered in pdf format to the EMR, complete with signatures when required. By enabling cliexa-EASE providers can collect clinical metrics and compliance data for quality reporting electronically, saving time and resources of the standard paper process. Up-front screening and remote-patient monitoring services provide the opportunity to improve clinical care and outcomes while aligning with compliance measures for reimbursement. cliexa's goal is to support clinicians to spend more time with patients, maximize reimbursements, reduce liability, enhance clinical efficiency, and improve quality of care.

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