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Digital Check-in


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Clearwave The Key to the Digital Front Door

Clearwave is the comprehensive patient engagement platform that simplifies patient scheduling,expedites patient intake and automates insurance eligibility verification to create true financialtransparency for both patient and practice alike.

Clearwave does the work of 10 vendors, offering:

  • Seamless athenahealth integration
  • Zero-Contact Patient Check-In
  • Patient pre-registration and check-in via kiosk, tablet or mobile
  • Clearwave Scheduling via website, chatbot, patient portal, Interactive Voice Response (IVR), and call center/access center
  • Perfect real-time patient-provider match with support for complex scheduling logic
  • Early eligibility verification and proactive issue flagging
  • Financial transparency and patient responsibility
  • Easy, painless POS balance and co-pay collections
  • Maximized schedules and decreased no-shows
  • Clear, streamlined and productive staff workflows
  • Improved patient experience and loyalty

Boost Your Bottom Line Time is money. Clearwave helps you make the most of both. Speed up cash flow 65% with increased point of service collections. Reduce insurance claim denials by 90% and get reimbursed faster. Employ scheduling with integrated eligibility verification and fill every open time slot to optimize every appointment and accelerate throughput and increase financial transparency. Cut operating costs, drive productivity, serve more patients each day.

Empower Your People Turn front desk staff into powerhouse employees. Free them from “administrivia” to focus on tasks that have greater impact. Let Clearwave do the heavy lifting of automating the patient journey while unleashing its power to digitize paperwork, instantly validate insurance, and even collect co-pays and outstanding balances.

Engage Your Patients Clearwave is here to help you exceed patients’ expectations with innovations that meet their desires. Establish a digital front door that's always open for scheduling convenience, automated eligibility verification, check-in and frictionless financial transparency. Minimize or even eliminate wait times and unnecessarily busy phone lines. Boost patient volume, increase patient acquisition and deepen patient loyalty through better accessibility to your practice.

Clearwave's partnership with athenahealth provides staff and patients with a superior experience. The Clearwave platform eases staff workload and focuses on patient care and greater patient autonomy. The seamless integration updates in real-time, refreshing athenaCollector® automatically. Staff is free from working back and forth between two systems — with everything they need right at their fingertips.

Healthcare's digital front doors become dynamic and integrated features of everyday operations with Clearwave, harvesting the power of authentic patient engagement.

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