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1 - 10 practices use this product.

Clearwave is a cloud-based, self-service patient registration solution that gives patients control of their information. The kiosks allow patients to check themselves in, update demographics and insurance information, scan insurance cards, accept consents, answer questions, and pay balances.

Clearwave reduces time spent in the waiting room and does not require multiple visits to the front desk. The software not only reduces patient wait time, but also decreases staff workload through real-time eligibility results, automated consent forms, and payment posting.

  • Self-service patient registration solution that simplifies the registration and check-in process
  • Reduces overall in patient check-in time by a streamlined registration process
  • Real-time Insurance and data verification reduces claim denials

Clearwave's partnership with athenahealth provides staff an improved patient registration experience. The Clearwave solution eases the staff's workload, allowing them to spend more time helping patients. Patients updating their own information means less trips to the front desk and less forms to fill out and file.

Clearwave's seamless integration updates in real time, allowing staff to schedule patients for same-day appointments, check eligibility before the patient comes in, and updates athenaCollector® automatically. This frees the staff from working between two systems to update patient records and calling insurance companies for benefits.

When a patient checks in using a Clearwave kiosk, they're shown review screens to update information, scan cards, accept consents, and answer any custom questions from the practice. After check-in, the Clearwave portal updates to show the patient's visit with eligibility results and alerts, or updates for the staff to review.

The staff portal updates in real-time, keeping the flow of check-ins moving, and allows staff to get patients back to see their physician more efficiently.

The Clearwave portal allows staff to:

  • View demographics updates
  • Be alerted to eligibility discrepancies
  • Access driver's license and insurance card scans
  • Check consent status
  • Update tracking status
  • Add and view appointment notes
  • View payments made on the kiosk
  • Run reports on visits and scheduled appointments
  • Spend more time on the patient rather than on paperwork

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