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Telephone Triage


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ClearTriage brings the industry-leading Schmitt-Thompson telephone triage protocols to athenaClinicals®. Used by telephone triage nurses for more than 20 years, these protocols are regularly updated and have been used in over 200 million telephone triage calls in ambulatory care practices, clinics and call centers. ClearTriage makes it easier for your nurses to use the right protocol for every call, resulting in safer, more cost-effective handling of triage calls.

Benefits of using ClearTriage include:

  • Easy access to evidence-based protocols promotes safe, consistent triage
  • Faster charting – no repetitive typing
  • Save call notes directly into a patient case in athenaClinicals
  • Regular updates and new features

ClearTriage is a decision support and documentation support tool for your telephone triage staff. It is an online version of telephone triage protocols from Dr. Barton Schmitt and Dr. David Thompson. Evidence-based and peer-reviewed, these are the most widely used telephone triage protocols available. They help triage more than 20 million calls every year.

When taking a triage call with ClearTriage, your nurse records information about the patient’s symptoms, severity and duration, then selects the appropriate triage protocol. This protocol provides a checklist of questions that helps the nurse get the patient to the right place for care (ED, office, home…). And if the patient isn’t being seen immediately, standardized care advice is provided for telephone discussion and can optionally be texted or emailed as a handout. Finally a structured note documenting the call is inserted into a patient case.

We offer a 30-day no obligation free trial so you can be sure ClearTriage will work for your organization and your nurses. You can start your free trial immediately or schedule a web demo for your staff to learn more.

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