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Chronic Care Management


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1 - 10 practices use this product.

ChronicCareIQ provides practices a comprehensive solution to perform Remote Patient Monitoring (RPM) and Chronic Care Management (CCM). Connect with your patients and track individualized health parameters using our interactive communication platform.

ChronicCareIQ plugs into AthenaHealth to revolutionize patient care by connecting patients to your practice via computer, smartphone or telephone. Our patient monitoring platform triages health statuses and clinical alerts on a color-coded dashboard. Easily document clinical activities and time for Medicare compliance.


  • Single Sign-On
  • Generate Care Plans
  • Integrated Billing for RPM and CCM
  • Clinical Comment Tracking
  • Prescription Refill Tracking
  • Automates Medicare Compliance and Documentation
  • CallerIQ / Phone Tracking and Documentation

Award Winning Phone Integration Software:

CallerIQ integrates with any phone system to capture and document clinical phone calls, eliminating manual documentation. Help reduce staff call volume by identifying high utilization patients that could benefit from ChronicCareIQ automated patient monitoring.

How It Works:

  1. Patients answer a few questions when prompted via email, computer, smartphone, tablet or telephone.
  2. Patient responses are collated on a color-coded dashboard that clearly shows responses that exceed clinical thresholds or that are trending poorly.
  3. ChronicCareIQ tracks all clinical activities, including phone calls, to automatically generate RPM and CCM billing codes.

Partner with an experienced leader in complete care management. Practices using ChronicCareIQ have the following results.

Proven Results:

  • 29% fewer hospitalizations and readmissions
  • 91% patient satisfaction
  • 87% patient retention at one year
  • 85% to 93% patient weekly utilization
  • 75% of patients reporting an improved relationship with the practice

Benefits of using ChronicCareIQ:

  • Increased patient satisfaction and greater security for your at-risk populations
  • New monthly recurring revenue without outsourcing patient care
  • Prevent unnecessary hospitalizations and readmissions
  • Improve patient access to care
  • Reduce administrative burdens and demands of staff
  • Complete Medicare compliance with robust documentation and audit logs

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Hospitalization statistics were collected from a 2-year retrospective study at an Ascension Hospital for cardiac patients of a participating Cardiology practice.

Patient satisfaction, retention, weekly utilization and relationship statistics were collected via surveys of patients that regularly use ChronicCareIQ.

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