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ER Express - Digital Patient Scheduling

ER Express - Digital Patient Scheduling



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1 - 10 practices use this product.

ER Express delivers virtual waiting and contactless intake solutions to support urgent, primary, and specialty care in creating a safe and efficient patient experience. We have significantly expanded our product suite to help practices with:

• Digital registration

• Curbside check-in and queuing

• Patient self-scheduling

• Patient pre-screening

• Patient notification via text message

• Reputation management

See more details about our integration playbook https://www.erexpress.com/athenahealth/

Our completely customizable workflow:

• Reduces staff workload

• Adds convenience and transparency

• Supports social distancing

• Attracts new patient volume

• Increases schedule density

Are you a Clockwise.MD customer?

If you are searching for a comparable solution to replace Clockwise.MD’s online self-scheduling tool, we can help. Our online self-scheduling tool offers a completely white-labeled online experience and a custom acuity filter to ensure patients with potentially life-threatening conditions are alerted to get immediate help rather than wait remotely. Read more below about the benefits of switching to ER Express’ online booking solution.

Online self-scheduling

Acquire new patients by enabling them to schedule an in-person or telehealth visit online and letting them to wait from home. Additionally, keep in touch with patients via automated text alerts and solicit their feedback post-discharge through a custom survey.

• Attract new patients – 30-40% of online bookings come from new patients. Differentiate yourself from the competition by providing a service that streamlines patient access and puts control in their hands.

• Load balance patient flow – Spread out arrival times and draw patients to your facilities with the most capacity in real-time.

• Decrease wait times – When patients can do their waiting from home, your waiting room is less crowded.

• 24/7 advance queuing – 20% of online bookings occur after-hours. Convert web traffic into bookings even when your office is closed.

Digital registration

Replace the clipboard with a mobile-optimized workflow for capturing registration data from patients, such as their ID and insurance cards, demographics, and signatures.

• 100% customizable – We digitize your forms word-for-word.

• Easy integration – We push data into the athenaNet Quickview and athenaClinicals Chart.

• No app necessary - Patients don’t need to download an app or create an account.

• Increased collection rates - Improve card on file and consent signatures to raise your collection rates and days AR, especially for self-pay patients.

Digital patient queuing

Automate the waiting room experience for both walk-in and scheduled patients with our queuing software. Through contactless sign-in on their mobile phone, patients add themselves to the queue and receive accurate estimated treatment times, while staying informed via automated text updates.

• Create a better patient experience – Our 21st century approach to the waiting room keeps patients in the loop and gives them realistic a treatment time to manage their expectations.

• Reduce staff workload – Patient information is provided electronically and then auto-populated into athenahealth, removing manual entry for your staff.

• Support social distancing – Support virtual waiting via online self-scheduling and waiting from home. For unscheduled patients, curbside queuing offers a way to sign in from their car and stay informed about their visit. Reputation management

As part of our product suite, we’ve built in automated, custom survey tools that encourage your happiest patients to post their feedback.

• Completely automated - Automatic triggers send patients a text at discharge asking for feedback

• Improved quantity & quality – Our SMS-text based process generates high response rates and five-star reviews

• Built-in reporting – Our reporting features mean staff can see responses in real-time and do service recovery

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