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Medical Record Requests

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1 - 10 practices use this product.

ChartSwap liberates providers from having to devote time and resources to the fulfillment of record requests. Its highly secure and economical workflow enables providers to receive requests electronically, digitize paper documents, and send records over a secure, cloud-based exchange network.

  • Enables the efficient receipt and fulfillment of third-party record requests
  • Costs nothing for providers, who keep 100% of all record fees
  • Helps save time and maximize release-of-information revenue

Physicians upload electronic records directly from the athenaClinicals EHR and can convert legacy paper charts to PDF format. ChartSwap is offered at no cost to physicians, who keep 100% of their record/custodian fees.

Since most national record vendors are already registered with ChartSwap, physicians can receive and fulfill third-party requests electronically. ChartSwap integrates all required workflows including patient consent, payment, electronic signature, and electronic notary, as well as tools to track disclosures and release-of-information revenue.

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