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ChartSpan - CCM, MIPS management, & AWV Solutions

ChartSpan - CCM, MIPS management, & AWV Solutions

Chronic Care Management

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ChartSpan Medical Technologies provides turn-key, preventative care management solutions to providers across the United States.

Chronic Care Management

Fully managed CCM program that represents a new stream of revenue for providers

  • No cost, marketing materials and campaigns to engage patients
  • Patient enrollment team trained to adhere to Medicare guidelines
  • 24/7 access to care for patients
  • Bi-directional flow of clinical data with no interruption to daily workflow
  • Quality assurance auditing
  • NPS patient satisfaction scoring
  • Dedicated client management representatives
  • Two-click automatic billing software
  • Maximized quality performance compliance (MIPS)


Merit-based Incentive Payment System

Our CCM and RapidAW™ products work seamlessly towards improving quality scores. At no extra cost, a dedicated MIPS specialist will provide management of your practice’s quality measures into a single compliance program that drives maximized reimbursements. The nature of our preventative programs allows a foolproof system towards positive results by identifying gaps in care and taking action towards closing those gaps. In 2018, Chartspan’s average client scored a 95.29%, with the majority of clients scoring a perfect 100%.


Annual Wellness Visit Software

Turn your waiting room into a revenue room with an iPad-based software for conducting Annual Wellness Visits (AWV).

  • Capture 80-85% of your Medicare patients annually
  • Real-time eligibility check
  • User-friendly and legible interface
  • Bi-directional flow of clinical data
  • Identifies additional patient specific tertiary services
  • Improve MIPS, ACO quality measure performance and HCC scoring

Chronic Care Management, Annual Wellness Visit
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