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ChartScout by Emerge

ChartScout by Emerge

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ChartScout removes the barriers between caregivers and the critical data within the EHR by accessing data from structured, free-text, and within scanned documents. With our Natural Language Processing (NLP) and Optical Character Recognition Technology (OCR), we empower healthcare professionals with superior medical data intelligence, resulting in enhanced clinical workflows, increased efficiency and higher quality of care. Enter any keyword and ChartScout will instantly display all pertinent information in clear and detailed tabular, text, graph and image formats. ChartScout's intelligent search capabilities also account for synonyms, spelling alternatives and common acronyms.

Our core offering is an intuitive patient-chart search and visualization solution, which offers swift and reliable access to data. Integral to medical data intelligence are our customizable dashboards, which facility patient overview and management by proving multiple searches on one page with one click. All this functionality can then be combined to stratify the entire patient population into customizable reports for your facility.

  • Launch ChartScout directly from athenaClinicals®.
  • Quickly distills all relevant information from the EHR data, affording a lightning-fast, context-sensitive user experience. The right info at the right time.
  • Illuminates unknown, potentially vital, patient data within the EHR, resulting in more informed decisions by the caregivers and, consequently, increased quality of care.
  • Reduction of mouse clicks during patient encounters from an approximate industry average of 15 clicks to 1. Less time interacting with the computer and more time spent with the patients.

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