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Medical Record Requests


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As requests for information from third parties, payers, and other clinicians increase, so do the release of information costs and risks providers must manage. Our cloud-based solution increases compliance with privacy rules, saves valuable staff hours through automated processing, and delivers fast turnarounds on each request.

  • Save time: streamline the medical record request process or let us handle all requests
  • Maximize collections: automatically collect the maximum permissible state fee
  • Decrease compliance risk: a fully HIPAA-compliant solution
  • Increase security: athenaClinicals® EHR integration enables secure, online record retrieval

ChartRequest facilitates high-quality medical information releases that can save you time, stress, and dollars.

  • Manage compliance: All authorizations, communications, and disclosures are safely catalogued.
  • Automate invoicing and collections: Maximize collections and leave the busy work of compliance with state statutes to ChartRequest.
  • Save time: Put an end to disruptive calls and receive all medical records requests and communications on our secure online platform.
  • Eliminate paper and CDs: Lower resource costs and the number of lost releases by getting rid of snail mail and fax delivery.

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