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ChartCapture Export Solution

ChartCapture Export Solution

Data Conversion


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ChartCapture offers a fast and simple way to convert your legacy EHR records. Our export solution gives you complete control over your legacy patient records in a single place and offers integration with athenaClinicals®, making accessing those records convenient and easy. The transition is completed quickly, alleviating extra work for your staff so everyone involved can stay focused on what matters most.

Here’s how it works: 1. Your clinic manager meets with a ChartCapture Transition Specialist to discuss the unique usage of your legacy EHR and how the ChartCapture export solution works 2. A ChartCapture Project Manager will do a deep-dive assessment of the implementation of your legacy EHR and build a specific project plan and timeline for your clinic 3. The ChartCapture team accesses your legacy EHR records once you are done entering in patient data, exports them, and securely saves them into your cloud-based ChartCapture account

To view your archived records, log into athenaClinicals, look up a patient record, and click the ChartCapture link to easily access the patient record.

ChartCapture has converted and stored over 500 million pages of patient records and has partnered with hundreds of athenaClinicals users.

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