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Charlie for Refills

Charlie for Refills

Clinical Decision Support


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60+ practices use this product.

The Charlie Practice Automation Platform, developed by healthfinch, aims to reduce routine, repetitive tasks like prescription refills and visit planning (also see Charlie for Visits).

Charlie’s Refill Management application (previously, “Swoop”) is fully integrated with athenaClinicals® to automate the prescription renewal workflow. As requests “hit” the clinical inbox, Charlie looks for relevant information, like last qualifying visit date and lab results, so that he can apply protocols, identify duplicate requests, and ready the request for quick execution.

Health systems who use Charlie’s Refill Management application can realize substantial efficiency and financial savings, as clinical staff spend more time on direct patient care and less time on non-reimbursable, below-license busywork. Charlie helps alleviate after-hours work, which providers often cite as a key contributor to burnout.

2018 Innovation Award Winner. Read the Press Release.

What impact can Charlie have on your practice?

  • SAVE TIME: Charlie automatically checks renewal requests against protocols; no more time-consuming manual chart reviews.
  • IMPROVE QUALITY: Loaded with over 1,000 evidence-based medication protocols designed with the guidance of the JNC, ADA, ACR, AHA and more. Urging staff to follow best practices, Charlie enables consistent care delivery across your organization.
  • TRANSFORM WORKFLOWS: Charlie eliminates the need to for time-consuming and error-prone manual workflows. It also enables safe delegation of requests from providers to staff.

How does Charlie work in athenaClinicals?

  1. As soon as a request is detected, Charlie swoops in to check the patient’s last qualifying visit and/or labs to determine if the request is in or out of protocol and to whom the request must be delegated.
  2. For duplicate requests, Charlie automatically denies them to save time and ensure safety.
  3. After performing checks, Charlie documents the patient’s adherence per protocol and recommends the appropriate number of refills.
  4. Next, providers or staff can complete the refill task in seconds, knowing that Charlie has teed up the right information every time.

The Charlie Practice Automation Platform is already hard at work, supporting over 5,000 providers and impacting care for more than 1,000,000 patients.

Ready to put Charlie to work for you? Contact our team using the “Get Started Now” button to the left, or visit our website, healthfinch.com/athenahealth to learn more.

If you are a smaller practice who needs help with refill request automation but don’t require protocol customization or other advanced functionality, check out our scaled-down solution, Charlie for Refills Lite.

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