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Mobile devices are patient's literal lifeline to the world. Dead batteries cut off contact and connection and exacerbate an already stressful situation. ChargeRx elegantly solves this problem, providing portable power when it matters most - to patients and their families across healthcare facilities. We never tether patients to a wall, charging locker, or kiosk - instead ChargeRx moves with the patient throughout their stay. The ChargeRx system includes everything that you need to start improving patient experience today! Customize ChargeRx discs with your logo, message, or brand -improve the fit, finish, and function of your office or healthcare facility. The innovative, portable, and space saving "Stack and Refuel" base station recharges up to 10 Dual Device Battery Discs at once using a single wall outlet. Each completely portable Dual Device Battery Disc charges most phones 1.5 times, and includes built in Android and Apple cables

Upon check in, nurses or administrators offer patients an individual custom branded ChargeRx “Dual Device Battery Disc”. To start charging, the patient simply pushes the power button, and plugs their device into the Dual Device Battery Disc using built in Android and Apple cables. No matter where they move throughout their visit, the ChargeRx system stays with the patient to keep their device fully charged without ever being tied to a wall outlet.

Once they are done being used, simply stack up to 10 discs on top of ChargeRx’s innovative “Stack and Refuel Base Station” to recharge for the next patient to use.

When the patient thinks back on their visit, not only will they remember the wonderful treatment they received, but they will also remember your practice’s ability to go above and beyond to unexpectedly solve their problem in an innovative way.

Patients that have this kind of positive patient experience are far more likely to rate your practice highly in online reviews and patient satisfaction surveys.

Set up a free 14 day trial today to see how ChargeRx can create remarkable patient experiences at your practice by providing portable power when it matters most (™)

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