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Patient Screeners


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CHADIS is a robust system that provides hundreds of screening questionnaires and treatment resources to patients electronically, eliminating the need to manually screen patients. With the CHADIS/athenaNet integration, patients can complete questionnaires online before their appointments, CHADIS scores them, and returns the results to the patient’s chart in real time. CHADIS saves practices time and money by increasing office efficiency while granting providers more facetime with patients. CHADIS also provides decision support, customized treatment plans, and access to local and national resources based on patient feedback and diagnosis.

Benefits of CHADIS:

  • CHADIS is the perfect complement to your telehealth efforts.
  • Pre-visit data collection from home
  • Graphics for shared decision making that can be viewed during televisits
  • Hundreds of questionnaires available, including ASQ-3, M-CHAT-R, Vanderbilt, PHQ-9
  • Streamlines office workflow
  • Generates revenue for clinics through reimbursable tools
  • Convenient for parents to complete questionnaires online prior to visit
  • Questionnaires can be emailed to teachers
  • Questionnaires can be completed in office if not done prior to visit
  • Helps physicians earn MOC Part 4 credits without chart reviews
  • Automated data collection and tracking for Quality Improvement (QI) programs. 

How it Works:

  1. CHADIS checks schedule in athenaNet a few weeks in advance of each appointment and automatically emails questionnaires to patients based on appointment type and age.
  2. Questionnaires can be completed online at patient’s convenience or done in the office as well.
  3. Once questionnaires are completed, CHADIS scores them in real time and returns the results directly to the patient’s chart in athenaNet, eliminating the need to screen patients manually!

For More Information: Contact us at info@chadis.com or visit https://www.chadis.com.

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