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Capabilities: Collections

CBC has been successfully helping national healthcare providers effectively manage their self-pay and bad debt accounts since 1942. CBC combines state-of-the-art AI technology with proven processes to deliver results that produce a better outcome for our clients. Our goal is to craft a custom approach that meets the client’s specific needs, and our flawless client retention rate is a testament to our longterm success.

Contacting consumers via outbound campaigns has become increasingly challenging as carriers help block phone calls. Guiding consumers to a self-service model is the logical shift, and with our powerful chatbot technology, patients have access 24/7/365. CBC’s chatbots are incredibly effective with both inbound and outbound conversations, allowing today’s tech savvy payers to complete payments, make payment arrangements, and ask for information on their phone, tablet, or computer without human intervention.

CBC leverages significant investments in automation, artificial intelligence, and multiple contact strategies to create a powerful and flexible multi-channel contact strategy. These advanced tools are the culmination of years of striving for superior level of automation and machine-thinking, adapting to real-world experience with our clients.

CBC’s approach can strengthen your cash flow while helping you retain and enhance your position in the community through our “no complaint” business model.

We offer a dedicated 100% USA-based team of self-pay customer service collectors – each with an average of 10+ years experience. Our team supports clients across the country in every time zone and region.

Our solution, custom-made for your requirements, includes:

  • A team of customer service representatives dedicated to your organization
  • Our own state-of-the-art patient accounting system (RMEx by Quantrax), integrated with an interactive, automated dialer, and statement and letter generation
  • HIPAA-compliant, VPN-secure, double-encrypted connectivity to your system
  • 100% call recording
  • Proprietary validation waterfall for all accounts
  • Customizable client-directed workflows
  • All account activity seamlessly uploaded daily to your patient accounting system
  • Electronic check and credit card transactions, with daily reporting to your facility
  • Monthly reconciliation of your system of record against our system of record
  • Expanded business office hours, including weekends
  • Financial assistance screening
  • Screening for government and commercial insurance plans
  • Dedicated escalation team to handle patient guarantor concerns
  • Monthly executive recap of collections (including recommendations)
  • Ability to provide statement services, including monthly patient reminders
  • Ability to accept and normalize multiple client files to produce a daily input file
  • Payment plan monitoring with a specialized team of Customer Service Representatives
  • Client-driven, custom reports on a variety of metrics and performance indicators

With bad debt, our approach is different and delivers results that exceed our competitors. We customize each account’s strategy, utilizing cutting-edge technology that makes self-payment options and payment reminders convenient and intuitive for patients. Our intelligent chatbot Alex allows patients to create payment plans, share information and make payments any time of day in multiple languages without human intervention.

CBC uses a powerful, AI-based collection management system, RMEx by Quantrax. The system allows us to outperform even the largest and most respected firms in the industry. CBC works closely with Quantrax to continuously improve the software to meet our clients’ needs, allowing us to do what we do best:

•Locate and engage consumers to identify sustainable payment arrangements, maximizing your bottom line •Receive and process unlimited accounts within 24 hours of receipt for faster activation and repayment •Ensure patient satisfaction and protect your reputation

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