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CallMyDoc from Sphinx Medical Technologies, Inc.

CallMyDoc from Sphinx Medical Technologies, Inc.

Telephone Triage


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200+ practices use this product.

CallMyDoc™ is an intelligent call answering service replacement and intelligent front desk auto-attendant that integrates with athenahealth™ and other EMRs and replaces all call answering services and voicemail systems. Hundreds of doctors all over the country are using CallMyDoc™ and it is handling tens of thousands of patient calls a month.

It can reduce front desk calls by forty percent or more, replacing voicemail and creating a patient communications dashboard that compliments patient cases and can be used to answer the phones in an efficient way if all the office lines are busy or cannot be answered.

It is so popular because it is the ONLY smartphone app that can do the following BY ITSELF:

  1. Answers and pre-screens all calls, and sends calls with notes with the patient's chart to the doctor's smartphone.
  2. By using the app, performs other tasks by itself as instructed:
  3. Take care of a refill or prescription and calls the patient back to inform them which pharmacy has their prescription waiting.
  4. Calls the patient by itself and schedules their appointment.
  5. Transcribe instructions calls the patient back with your instructions by itself.
  6. Record instructions for the patient and calls the patient back with your instructions.
  7. Calls the patient back with a number of preset responses so you do not have to.

All of this can be done in one of 42 different languages and when the call is finished, it does the paperwork by itself and puts all of the interactions with the patient back on the patient's chart.

It is the perfect solution for helping to manage calls after hours, during the day, or both, making your practice more efficient and profitable at the same time.

It is being used to maximize efficiency and profitability by primary care physicians, pediatricians, podiatrists, surgeons, gastroenterologists, OB/GYNs, pain management, and many more specialties.

It is equally affordable for a single practitioner as well as a large organization with hundreds of doctors as it is being used by both.

The easiest way to describe Call My Doc™ and how it works is to show you. If you would like to see a live demonstration via WebEx, please email us at info@sphinxmedtech.com, or call us at 844-842-8554.

It is free to try for 30 days and you can get a free trial for your practice by filling out this form: http://www.athenahealth.com/marketplace/authorize-consent.php.

Telephone Triage, After-Hours Care, Patient Communications
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