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Calibrater Health

Calibrater Health

Patient Surveys


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Calibrater Health makes customer service software for healthcare that combines patient surveys via text message with an automated, closed-loop issue tracking and feedback management system.

Our algorithms automatically categorize and route patient comments for follow-up and immediate action, we calculate patient experience scores by location, provider and even visit type, we send your happiest patients to post on social media, and our 100% web-based system makes sure that doctors never miss a chance to save an unhappy patient or improve their practice.

Why our customers love us: - 35% response rates means you hear from more patients - Dozens of opportunities for service recovery per location each month - NPS® scores calculated by Site, Provider and even Visit Type - Follow-up items automatically assigned to your team - Deep operational reporting gives you insight into the front lines - Automated alerts with scores and patient comments keep providers engaged - Get more reviews on social media outlets like Google and Facebook - Earn star ratings and boost SEO for your marketing site with our review publisher

How it works: 1. Our system automatically pulls in data for recently seen patients 2. We send text message surveys to those patients 3. That’s it!

30-Day Free Trial - Fully featured trial (no hidden features) - Unlimited number of surveys and user accounts (at up to two locations) - Free training webinar - No obligation

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