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Bridges Cyber Security & HIPAA Compliance Services

Bridges Cyber Security & HIPAA Compliance Services


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Bridges’ suite of solutions supports cyber and compliance needs for healthcare organizations. Our expertise comes from nearly two decades of work in the U.S. Intelligence Community and Department of Defense.

Our experts partner directly with you to tailor services to your needs. We start by offering tiered solutions at a price point that is realistic for operating budgets of healthcare organizations of all sizes:

Tier 1 – Small to Medium Providers High Level Web Application Vulnerability Scan - Estimated Effort: less than one week - Active scanning of target web application(s) using a combination of proprietary and open source software to check against the top 10 most critical web application security risks. (Bridges Top 10 based on OWASP Top 10) - Consulting Services:

  • Independent and unbiased expertise on cyber risk management, compliance and security issues.
  • Preparation for OCR Audits
  • Policy development and recommendations for HIPAA
  • Strategic guidance regarding issues of cyber security, technology infrastructure, and compliance as it relates to Healthcare practice operations
  • Scan findings report and executive summary prepared by a Risk Analyst

Tier 2 – Medium Sized Practices and Practice Networks Web Application Penetration Testing - Estimated Effort: 2 weeks - Exploitation of Top 10 OWASP Web Application Vulnerabilities - Remote command execution, SQL Injection, CSS exploitation and Denial of Service (DOS) attack(s) - Detailed findings report regarding the success of attempted exploitations, in addition to the findings from the Vulnerability Scan.

Tier 3 – Large Healthcare Practices, Practice Groups, or Hospital Systems Annual Subscription (4 Pen Tests) - Quarterly identification and exploitation of web application vulnerabilities - Comprehensive bundle that includes Tier 1 and Tier 2 services with executive-level briefings and a detailed reporting from Vulnerability scan and Penetration Tests

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