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BrainyMed - CARE

BrainyMed - CARE

Care Plan Management


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  • Internal Medicine


Capabilities: Care Plan Management

CARE is an intelligent practice package that works with Athena EHR in expediting patient check-in, refill requests, and patient payment collection. The CARE practice package includes a state-of-the-art telehealth platform with advanced features such as AES-256 bit encrypted messaging, encrypted group video calls, and real-time audio-video-recording.

Patient check-in:

● Send convenient but secure, encrypted one-time use check-in via SMS to the patient’s mobile ● Allow patients to message doctors/practice about any notes concerning visit ● Allow patients to verify and update insurance information ● Allow patients to upload and update insurance card images ● Allow patients to make payments toward their copay/account balance ● Allow patients to verify and update their medication lists ● Allow patients to request refills for medications

Intelligent Patient Engagement:

● Quickly review and respond to any patient messages through our secure messaging portal ● Quickly view and confirm any updates to a patient’s medication list based on any updates made by the patient. ● Automate refill request handling based on your practice’s protocols -customised and personalised for your specific needs. ● Send patients timely reminders to check-in, update insurance information, and medications


● Encrypted, one time visit links directly to a patient’s phone via SMS ● Ability to share documents with patients in real time while on the call ● Can’t reach your patient via video? Dial their phone directly using the telehealth app. ● Collaborate with multiple health care providers/scribes on one call with the patient ● Ability to include family members within the call (with patient’s consent) ● Ability to record audio and video (with patient’s consent) ● Message the patient directly - let them know you are running late. ● Get notified when a patient is logged into the video call.

BrainyMed|CARE expedites the patient experience at the office. It eliminates time wastage in the form of insurance card verification, waiting in line at the office for patient payment details, or just simply knowing when the provider is ready to see the patient during a telehealth visit. By using the BrainyMed|CARE platform, patients should see a 30% reduction in wait time while providers should experience timely insurance reimbursements and greater patient satisfaction.

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