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Blink Health RX Connect

Blink Health RX Connect

Inventory Management

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26-50 Practices are currently using this product across the following Specialties
  • Multi Specialty
  • Family Practice
  • Internal Medicine
  • Obstetrics/Gynecology
  • FQHC
  • Direct Primary Care
  • Neurology
  • Urgent Care
  • Gastroenterology


Capabilities: Inventory Management

Blink Health RX Connect gives both providers and patients guaranteed price transparency at the point of prescribing, with no change in workflow. By giving patients access to lower prices on their prescriptions, including a first fill free for 70% of medications, Blink Health RX Connect will drive increased patient satisfaction and, ultimately, adherence.

  • Blink Price (guaranteed at over 40,000 pharmacies nationwide) surfaced in the EMR at the point of prescription
  • Compare prices for various medications in the same therapeutic class
  • Patients receive a text message with link to view important details about their prescription, including name, dosage, and the Blink Price
  • First fill free on 70% of medications, through $20 offer

For Providers RX Connect surfaces guaranteed prices right next to medication names in the EMR, allowing providers to understand the cost implications of their prescriptions with no changes to their current workflow. Additionally, providers can compare prices for different treatments within the same therapeutic class.

For Patients When a new order is created in athenaClinicals, Blink Health RX Connect pulls that prescription and sends the patient a text message on behalf of the provider, with a link to authenticate into the RX Connect Rx Portal. There, patients can see all of the medications they’ve been prescribed, instructions for taking them, and the pharmacy to which the prescription was sent. For generic medications, patients can also see the Blink Price, with the ability to access those prices on Blink Health, along with a coupon for up to $20 off their first fill – making 70% of first fills free.

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