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Aviacode CoderShare

Aviacode CoderShare


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Aviacode’s medical coding solutions help reduce operational costs, eliminate backlogs, and ensure a more accurate reimbursement. Our coders are certified, experienced and rigorously tested. We use ProCoder®, our proprietary unified coding platform, which is industry recognized. This innovative technology, along with our exceptional coders, enable a workflow that minimizes errors and improves your bottom line.

  • Free interface setup when utilizing athenaClinicals® and athenaCollector®
  • Basic CoderShare subscription includes a monthly consultation with a certified medical coder

Aviacode has developed the CoderShare interface to allow practices using athenahealth’s athenaClinicals and athenaCollector products to deliver clinical documents to Aviacode’s coding platform (ProCoder). Aviacode will provide medical coding services and coding results will be posted to appointment-based claims using athena’s MDP API interface (MDP). We take the pain away!

The process is easy. Encounters are automatically uploaded from athenaClinicals into ProCoder™. Our ICD‐10 certified medical coders review the documentation, select appropriate codes and apply national edits. Encounters are randomly selected for quality review and coding results are then automatically returned to athenaCollector for easy billing.

  • Providers “sign off” on encounters in athenaClinicals
  • Encounter data is retrieved from athenaClinicals and loaded into ProCoder
  • Encounters assigned to specialty specific coding work pools in ProCoder
  • Coding rules engine analyzes and validates codes for accuracy
  • Random encounters are electronically selected for QA review by coding managers
  • Coding results returned directly into athenaCollector, generating claims for billing

The benefits are many for you. These include:

  • Using innovative technology, Aviacode’s proprietary coding workflow platform helps improve coding quality and reduce risk
  • Accelerating the revenue cycle, Aviacode’s solution helps optimize your reimbursements for faster and more accurate claims
  • Aviacode’s deep bench of experienced and credentialed coders ensures a best-of-breed solution to meet your specialized needs
  • Aviacode’s proprietary QA process provides monthly reviews by coding management to ensure coding results meet high standards
  • Aviacode’s goal is to find a “better way” as partners -- building medical coding solutions that maximize revenue efficiency, strengthen cash flow, improve coding accuracy, and enforce coding standards

The Aviacode coding solution does not include any changes or updates to the athenaClinicals or athenaCollector user interface and does not include any client-facing application interface. The coding solution integration all takes place in the “background” via API calls between athenahealth and Aviacode.

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