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Athelas Remote Patient Monitoring

Athelas Remote Patient Monitoring

Remote Patient Monitoring

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Capabilities: Remote Patient Monitoring

Athelas is the most advanced product in Remote Patient Monitoring. We connect sensors, software, and services to deliver a turnkey RPM experience.

Our RPM devices allow healthcare providers to monitor patient vitals like blood pressure, weight, and blood glucose from the comfort of the patient’s home, delivering unparalleled insight into patient health. This also improves patient engagement and generates new revenue for your practice.

5 Reasons Why Athelas is the Fastest Growing RPM Provider:

  1. The Athelas Nursing Team monitors all incoming patient vitals, saving your staff time and escalating to your clinicians whenever a concerning reading is detected.

  2. Athelas also handles 100% of billing and reconciliation, making it a breeze to get paid for RPM services.

  3. Patients absolutely love using Athelas and are more likely to stay with their physicians as a result.

  4. Our dedicated Success Team makes onboarding effortless for both your staff and patients, getting you all the benefits of RPM with none of the hassle.

  5. Athelas provides a suite of proprietary technologies that no other RPM vendor can deliver, including our PillTrack medication adherence device and the Athelas One blood diagnostics device.

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