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Patient Screeners

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assessURhealth™ empowers clinicians by providing the tools and resources needed to positively impact the identification, treatment & awareness of mental & behavioral health. Our tablet based, patient-completed assessment application includes custom reporting that provides clinicians key risk classification data on multiple mental & behavioral health needs – without taking additional staff resources. Billable codes allow providers to add on average $50,000+ per provider, per year while enhancing patient care. According to SAMSHA, 45% of suicide victims had contact with their primary care provider or emergency department within 30 days of committing suicide(1).

  • Revenue-generating through billable codes (depending on specialty)
  • Captures patient health risk for: Depression, anxiety, somatic symptom, alcohol misuse, and opioid abuse. Optional add-on screenings include PTSD and postnatal depression on HIPAA complaint iPad® (2).
  • Generates a color-coded and easy to interpret report with discrete data instantly delivered directly into your athenaClinicals® that assists in satisfying government and payer requirements for value-based payment models

How it Works:

assessURhealth™ offers an easy to use and intuitive patient-driven screening application that takes less than five minutes to complete. You’ll enjoy a stress and hassle-free implementation, including a billing tip sheet and comprehensive user guide, and rest easy with the knowledge that our expert support team is ready and willing to assist you at any time.

Adding assessURhealth™ to your practice’s workflow takes only four easy steps:

  • Assess: Patients complete a quick, five-minute survey right in your waiting room or back office.
  • Report: Color-coded and easy to interpret results are delivered directly to your athenaClinicals® via our HIPAA compliant interface; instantly.
  • Review: Providers can easily go over results with their patients and use the report to inform better diagnosis and care.
  • ROI: Receive direct revenue through billable codes* as well as indirect ROI seen in better patient care.
  • *Billable codes apply to those that can bill as primary care provider. Connect with assessURhealth™ for more information.

Additional Features Include:

ROI Benefits:

  • New revenue: $50,000+ per provider per year for qualifying providers
  • Better patient health data
  • Reduced staff resources
  • Assists to meet government and payer requirements for value-based payments, including PCMH, ACO, FQHC, SBIRT, HEDIS & CPC+
  • Utilizes skip logic to ask only relevant questions based on the patient’s output
  • Available in English and Spanish with more languages to come
  • Pre-loaded iPad®, including set up, protective cover, and delivery are included during the term of use
  • Assessments sourced from government and mental health organizations with proven correlation to real diagnosis

(1) http://www.integration.samhsa.gov/about-us/esolutions-newsletter/suicide-prevention-in-primary-care

(2) iPad® is a registered trademarks of Apple, Inc.

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