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1 - 10 practices use this product.

Arintra automates:

  • Clinical notes for physicians
  • Manual data entry for staff
  • Clinical coding for the billing team

Arintra is the world’s most intelligent clinical patient intake solution catering to urgent care, primary care, and 15+ specializations.

A plug-n-play software that:

  • reduces EHR documentation time for physicians and staff by 3 hours/day.
  • facilitates the billing team to get 50% faster reimbursement.

Metrics at glance

  • 5,000+ weekly patient intakes
  • 150,000+ clinical notes automated
  • 4,000+ clinical pathways
  • 10+ Major healthcare systems
  • 85% of patients complete Arintra at home.

Increase revenue today and get a whopping 20X ROI

Offer for Athenahealth Customers only: Free one-month trial!!! Cancel anytime—no questions asked.

Who is it for?

Arintra is currently being used by major healthcare systems and practices of varying sizes—Urgent care, primary care, and 15+ specializations—including (a) a multi-location Urgent care center with 20+ providers in Alabama, and (b) a maternity hospital system with 17 locations.

How Arintra helps physicians:

  • Automates 90% of the clinical note
  • Saves 3 hours/day.
  • No need to recall and dictate lengthy HPIs post-consultation.
  • Continuously maintain eye contact with patients during the entire consultation.

How Arintra helps staff:

  • NO manual data entry in the EHR—Arintra auto-fills patients’ demographics, HIPAA form, other screeners’ data in Athena.
  • Even the clinical data like reason of visit, medications, etc. are auto-filled by Arintra.
  • Prepare for patients in advance.
  • No lengthy patient-triage sessions.
  • 10 minutes saved per intake.

How Arintra helps the billing team:

  • Automates clinical coding for the full encounter summary—HPI, Review of systems, Problems list.
  • 50% faster claim reimbursements.
  • 15% reduced claim rejections.

Few more features that you will love/workflow/unique:

  • HIPAA compliant. Arintra aligns to the security protocols of HITRUST CSF and ISO 27001 standards.
  • Deep analytics (e.g., time saved/intake)
  • Multi-lingual support (English and Spanish)
  • Automatic consent, HIPAA, intake forms triggering.
  • Quick setup available and no in-house IT team required.

Get started today in 3 easy steps:

  1. Sign up for Arintra—no contract, no long-term commitment, cancel anytime.
  2. Customize workflow with Arintra executive (2 hours).
  3. Arintra enabled in your Athena. Improved workflow instantly.

Arintra workflow

  1. Pulls patient data from Athena
  2. Sends a personalized intake link pre-visit.
  3. Patient completes the paperwork

    a. Filling out all the forms

    b. Past medical history

    c. HPI questions

    d. Family history etc.

  4. Auto-fills data in EHR

    a. Clinical note
    b. Relevant clinical fields.

  5. Clinical codes appended to the full encounter summary.

What makes Arintra world’s most intelligent patient intake?

Arintra is developed by the team of board-certified physicians:

  • Asks clinically-precise questions to patients similar to what a doctor would ask.
  • 4,000+ clinical pathways, meticulously created by board-certified Physicians.
  • Adaptive questioning that captures a Patient’s comprehensive history of present illness, past medical history, family history, etc.

Hear it from patients if they would like this change (Testimonials)

“I loved this type of paperwork, it’s all digital and way smarter. My visits are now quicker and I saved a lot of time in check-in.”

“I completed my Arintra intake while I was parking my car. I was comfortable entering my detailed history compared to in-person triage.”

Increase your revenue today and get a whopping 20X ROI

Offer for Athenahealth Customers only: Free one-month trial!!! Cancel anytime—no questions asked.

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