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1 - 10 practices use this product.

Arintra is a Plug-and-play software solution for your EHR to reduce your Documentation time by 3 hours/day and increase your practice revenue by $75K-$100K.

Arintra easily integrates within your interface bringing no change in your workflow. Providers and Staff would feel - “someone magically completed their documentation”.

Why Providers are loving this magic Arintra!

  • 87% of the Final Clinical Note is auto-populated in the EHR.
  • Saves them 2 hours/day.
  • No need to recall and dictate lengthy HPIs post-consultation.
  • Continuously maintain eye contact with patients during the entire consultation.

How Staff is benefitting from Arintra!

  • 10 minutes saved per intake.
  • No more redundant paper-work.
  • Screeners, ROS, Medication, etc. — everything is pre-populated in EHR.
  • Prepare for patients ahead of time - order blood work, investigations etc.

Practices using Arintra are:

  • saving 3 hours/day
  • increasing their revenue by $75K-100K
  • Increasing staff efficiency by 25%
  • -- most importantly -- Increased family time

The Secret to achieving these exceptional numbers—Using Patient-reported data to populate EHR.

A simplistic view: Arintra asks the patient clinically-precise questions, similar to what a Provider would ask to gather their history. Arintra then processes this information and using advanced technology, auto-populates the right sections in EHR similar to how a provider would type manually.

How does Arintra work?

➔ Step 1: Once the Patient opens the intake link, Arintra’s web-app captures the patient’s comprehensive data by:

◆ Asking clinically-precise questions similar to what a doctor would ask.

◆ Using clinical pathways meticulously created by board-certified Physicians.

◆ Using adaptive questioning that captures a Patient’s comprehensive history of present illness, medications, allergies, etc.

➔ Step 2: All the data captured is pushed by Arintra in the right sections in the EHR.

➔ Step 3: Sections like HPI, Medications, Past History, Family history, Screeners, Allergies, etc. are populated automatically in the EHR from the backend.

➔ Step 4: Staff enters the data manually goes through the data and prepares for the patient in advance by scheduling the blood work, tests, etc. efficiently.

➔ Step 5: Having populated 87% of the clinical note, Arintra enables Providers to ‘review’ the note quickly instead of typing.

➔ Step 6: This is how a typical consultation will go -> Providers starting the interaction with “I understand you had a dry cough for 3 days” instead of “What brings you in today?”

➔ Step 7: Once the provider signs off, post review, Arintra appends the billable codes to the clinical note, saving the coding department 9 mins/claim.

And why will a patient fill out Arintra?

  • Minimizes wait time - Visits are quicker; saves time at check-in.
  • Helps in preparing what to discuss with the providers during the consultation.
  • Maximizes face-to-face time with Providers
  • Comfortable entering a lot of sensitive information on their screen compared to in-person.

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