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A/R Run Down Services

A/R Run Down Services

Legacy A/R Run Down

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1 Access Healthcare’s Accounts Receivable Run-down services

System transitions are one of the most significant causes of lost revenue in healthcare revenue cycle management. Integration of new revenue cycle system implementation plan with your accounts receivable run-down strategy enables identification of key data elements that need to be transitioned to the new system, while you strive to optimize collections from your aged A/R. The success of the accounts receivable run-down effort is dependent on the experience of the team in working aged receivables, diligent processes, and ability to decide on business rules such a write-off policies. Whether you want to run down your aged receivables off your legacy system or off athenaNet®, Access Healthcare brings in the power of analytics.

2 Capability: Accounts Receivable Run-down services

2.1 What can Access Healthcare offer? With over 4,000 accounts receivable management professionals, Access Healthcare brings unmatched expertise in managing A/R and denial management processes. Our scale and experience allows us to:

  • Quickly deploy team of seasoned accounts receivable personnel to ensure optimal recovery
  • Develop the right strategy, and business rules for pursuing aged A/R
  • Provide customized reports to track the progress of A/R rundown services outsourced to us
  • Provide analytics on reasons for denials and documentation effectiveness
  • Provide technology enabled global delivery model to extract the maximum potential from your aged A/R, so that you see more money coming in while staying compliant

3 Quick Start solutions

When you migrate to a new revenue cycle platform, effective recovery of aged A/R balances is hinged on your ability to close these accounts quickly. With Access Healthcare’s team of seasoned A/R professionals, you will be able to achieve just that and more.

Our start-up process requires only basic support from you to:

  • Get access to the legacy practice management system and ability to run A/R reports
  • Develop policies for number of touches on each account, write-off policies, and business rules for small balances
  • Refile claims in some cases

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