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AmbirScan Connect

AmbirScan Connect

Front Office Scanning

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After scanning a document, the user is presented with an easy to use Attach Patient Document window within AmbirScan Connect to search and then select a patient record destination within the athenaNet patient database.

Patient care and patient relationship management is at its best when clinical documents, administrative documents, lab results, insurance cards and IDs are electronically captured and immediately attached to patient records in athenaNet.


  • Scan and “pull”. When using a scanner and saving documents and ID/Insurance cards to a local PC folder, users need to go into athenaNet, access a specific patient record and then import or “pull” the scanned file into the record.
  • Faxing. Documents sent via fax to athenahealth for attachment to patient records are not immediately available. Furthermore the fax image quality of important clinical documents may not be readable or optimal for medical provider interpretation of results/information to provide effective patient care.


AmbirScan Connect is an ideal workflow enhancement and image capture solution for use in patient registration, medical records rooms, administrative functions and back office scanning projects. AmbirScan Connect accelerates the process and workflow of scanning and attaching documents, insurance cards, driver’s licenses and photos on driver’s licenses by letting you directly attach or “push” these scanned documents into athenaNet patient records.

To handle different types of documents, AmbirScan Connect uses preset and customizable scan profile settings that detail various scanner imaging settings such as resolution, color/black & white, paper size, one- vs. two-sided scanning, etc.


  1. More efficient and faster workflow. AmbirScan Connect reduces up to 7 steps in the scanning and attachment to a patient record workflow process into athenaNet.
  2. More secure document upload. Document storage on local PC not required. AmbirScan Connect securely uploads scanned documents for immediate attachment to a specific patient record without the need for storage on the local PC.
  3. More flexible. Back office scanning without access to sensitive patient information. Since AmbirScan Connect does not require athenaNet login, users can scan and upload scanned documents to patient records without granting access to the sensitive and confidential information within the medical record itself.
  4. Preset & Customizable Scanning Profiles. QuickScan profiles in AmbirScan Connect provide users a simple means to toggle between document types and scanning settings.
  5. Ideal Insurance Card & Driver’s License Image Capture. AmbirScan Connect combines front and rear side images of insurance cards and driver’s licenses into a single JPEG file. AmbirScan Connect also automatically acquires the photo on a driver’s license for attachment to patient record.

AmbirScan Connect Software Licenses for athenaNet

AmbirScan Connect is a monthly subscription application that may be used on any computer running Windows 7, 8 or 10. An internet connection is required for uploading documents into athenaNet.

-ASC4A-AS license for use with Ambir scanners starting at $25/month -ASC4A-OS license for use with the Fujitsu fi-7160 plus all Ambir scanners starting at $30/month *volume pricing available

athenaNet is a registered trademark of AthenaHealth, Inc. AmbirScan is a registered trademark of Ambir Technology, Inc.

Front Office Scanning, Information Technology, Paper Chart Conversion
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