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AgileMD Integrated Clinical Workflows and Guidelines

AgileMD Integrated Clinical Workflows and Guidelines

Clinical Decision Support

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AgileMD is a clinical decision support plug-in that streamlines clinical workflow with integrated decision support within athenaClinicals®.

Save time and help deliver better care with one-click access to integrated clinical practice guidelines.

  • In addition to customizing workflows to your practice, AgileMD provides clients access to a community of expert clinical partners and a library of analytics, best practice content and decision tools.
  • Save time referencing best practice care with integrated guidelines.
  • Deliver higher quality care with greater confidence with practice guidelines integrated directly into clinical workflow, giving you a faster time-to-clinical-answer from within your existing workflow
  • Optimize workflow for your practice or clinic with a fully customizable authoring environment, allowing practices small and large to embed local policies, protocols, and decision support for their clinicians.

Workflow Optimized Decision Support

AgileMD streamlines your provider clinical workflow by integrating clinical policies and protocols directly into the exam, assessment, and plan phases of athenaClinicals to save time placing orders and writing documentation based on best practices.

1. Create Protocols or Select from our Best Practice Library We will digitize your existing paper protocols, guidelines, and policies and embed them into athenaClinicals®.

Want a jumpstart? AgileMD provides access to optimized protocols from leading clinical partners, including University of Colorado Health, University of Chicago Medicine, Stanford Medicine, UCSF, EB Medicine, Nebraska Medicine, US Centers for Disease Control, and more.

2. Access at the Point of Care One-click access to guidelines and protocols within athenaClinicals®, with one-stop decision support that centralizes guidance for imaging, labs, medications, consults and admissions.

3. Act with Speed & Precision Embedded decision support tools and models assist providers in stratifying patient risk and recording consistent documentation.

4. Analyze Decision Making As best practices evolve, your playbook should too. AgileMD analytics will help you understand utilization and adherence of guidelines and protocols and the impact of decision support on clinical, process and financial metrics to continuously improve workflows, such as length of stay, re-admissions, unnecessary hospitalizations, and high-cost order utilization.

Clinical Decision Support
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