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Adventia p3

Adventia p3

Patient Education

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The Adventia p3 platform enables providers to deliver the highest standards of care for the prevention of heart attack, stroke and diabetes through a decision management approach. Cardiometabolic disease is prevalent and, on the rise, and requires a systematic approach to improve outcomes. The platform takes health history data, biometrics, laboratory data and other testing to assess risk for these diseases and efficiently and effectively organizes it and provides personalized plans for the provider to consider including:

  • Risk Assessment and Evaluation
  • Medication Plan
  • Testing Plan
  • Lifestyle Plan

Once plans are approved by the provider, the patient has access to their personalized plans on their secure portal. Easy to understand patient education materials are generated in the plan. These resources provide the information that has been discussed during the visit allowing the provider to discuss efficiently and effectively the tests they are reviewing.

Data is represented in clear and colorful screens. Tests results are tracked over time to demonstrate improvements and changes in health outcomes. Patients are responsive to learning that they are reducing their risk for heart attack, stroke and diabetes.

In addition, p3 incorporates all the data and organizes it into a flow chart to allowing the provider to see “at a glance” the data in an easy to follow format. This flow chart is updated as new data comes into athenahealth.

Adventia p3 is the solution enabling providers to:

  • Effectively and efficiently incorporate complex medical information into plans
  • Provide personalized patient plans and supportive education materials
  • Reduce the risk and incidence of cardiometabolic disease

Patient Education
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